The African Student Protest for Clean Water in North Korea, 1984

"The whole street was full of African students walking and shouting"
April 22nd, 2013

Artwork by NK NEWS illustrator Cammy Smithwick

In the final part of our special three-part series featuring Aliou Niane, a Guinean who studied at Wonsan agricultural college in North Korea from 1982-1987, Aliou remembers his role in a march to Pyongyang to protest a lack of clean drinking water.

In the summer of 1984, a

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Benjamin R. Young

Benjamin R. Young has a bachelor's and master's degree in history from The State University of New York, The College at Brockport. He will begin his PhD studies in modern Korean history at The George Washington University in Fall 2014. He has studied the Korean language at Geumgang University in Nonsan, South Korea and with the Pyongyang Project in Yanji, China. 

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