Revealed: North Korea’s Sesame Street Export Business

Is Sesame Street Toy Production Being Unwittingly Outsourced to North Korea, or Is This a Bizarre Case of North Korean Bootlegging?
January 8th, 2013

North Korea’s Kyonghung Toy Factory is producing Sesame Street merchandise for the international market, NK NEWS can exclusively reveal.  

The toy manufacturer’s Sesame Street line was found among a series of otherwise non-branded children’s products in a full-page advert in the latest edition of North Korea’s quarterly Foreign Trade magazine.

Alongside a range of generic

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  • NiDeMa

    Big Bird is a North Korea agent… It is all now clear.

  • Veaney_Arteaga

    This is the reason why Mitt wanted to shot Big Bird LoL

  • Confucius Confucius

    Torture Me Elmo?