North Korea Sympathizers Storm Times Square Movie Theater

November 28th, 2012

The 2012 reboot of 1984 cult classic Red Dawn has provoked a group of five North Korea sympathizers to “storm” a movie theater in New York’s Time Square to protest what they feel is an illegitimate characterization of the DPRK.

The film, which presents North Korea invading the U.S. with Russian assistance, has drawn criticism from some for the unlikely circumstances surrounding a full DPRK ground invasion of U.S. territory.

Organized by the Workers World Party, a “revolutionary Marxist-Leninist” outfit that has participated widely in “Occupy Wallstreet” protests, the picket assembled outside the movie theater in Times Square to deliver a series of speeches berating the film and more broadly, U.S capitalism and Wall Street traders.

The demonstration was led by Caleb Maupin of the World Workers Party and an unnamed U.S. Korea Friendship Association (KFA) representative. Dressed in a Mao-style shirt, the KFA member explained to passing New Yorkers that in contrast to their lifestyle, North Koreans live in harmony and have nothing to worry about when walking the streets at night.

U.S. Korea Friendship Association Representative joins protest

In his speech Montclair State University student Justin Wooten shouted to passers-by that,  “This movie is crap – its nonsense, COMPLETE NONSENSE”. Citing British TV documentary “Korea: The Unknown War”, he also explained that U.S. citizens are brainwashed about the history of the Korean war:

“They had to censor this film because they didn’t think an American audience could handle the truth…. Google it!”

During another soapbox moment, railroad worker Stephene Millies berated the film makers and demanded jobs, “not hate movies.”

After the multiple speeches were finished, the group joined forces to storm the theater to express their anger at the movie.

Storming the theater

Upon entering the lobby, the group followed leader Caleb Maupin line-by line and shouted:

Red dawn is a lying war poropagnada film!
Korea wants peace! Korea wants peace with with U.S!
The U.S. is occupying South Korea!
This film is designed to whip us into war!
Our enemy is on wall street, is in Washington DC – it is not in North Korea!
Peace with Korea! Peace with Korea!

Watch the protest here:

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