North Korea arrests 24 year old American citizen trying to claim asylum in DPRK

News of arrest comes in middle of Obama trip to South Korea
April 25th, 2014

North Korea has arrested and detained an American citizen, the third tourist in the past six months, the Korea Central News Agency (KCNA) announced on Friday.

The 24 year old man in question, identified as Matthew Miller by Uri Tours, was arrested for attempting to claim asylum in North Korea, the KCNA said.

“A relevant organ of the DPRK put in custody American Miller Matthew Todd, 24, on April 10 for his rash behavior in the course of going through formalities for entry into the DPRK to tour it,” the KCNA said.

Miller ripped up his tourist travel certificate and declared “he would seek asylum,” adding that  ”he came to the DPRK after choosing it as a shelter,” the KCNA said, which described his actions as a “gross violation” of legal order.

The North Korean government detained Miller “after taking a serious note of his behavior, and is now investigating the case.”

Leonid Petrov, a North Korea at the Australia National University in Canberra, told NK News that the arrest promised a “PR bonanza” for Pyongyang.

“Miller Matthew Todd’s action has hit the nerve of North Korean immigration officers because the DPRK considers entry visas its property and does not tolerate disrespectful attitude to it.

“Every foreign visitor who expresses intention to stay in the “workers’ and peasants’ paradise” longer than his or her visa permits, creates panic among the minders and leads to investigation and deportation. But an American citizen seeking asylum in the DPRK promises a PR bonanza for the regime, which desperately seeks Washington’s attention,” Petrov said.

It is normally rare for tourists to be arrested in North Korea, however, North Korea has arrested a number of foreigners in possession of visit papers in recent months.

Chad O’Carroll, Managing Editor of NK News, was stopped leaving North Korea in 2010 for having a damaged tourist visa.

“I was nearly prevented from leaving the country due to my passport photo having become completely detached from the visa form. The customs officials took it very seriously and I was nearly prevented from boarding the plane back to Beijing. Therefore, it does not surprise me that Todd was arrested under these circumstances.

“However, it is noteworthy that news of Todd’s arrest was broken today – 16 days after his alleged arrest – while U.S. President Barack Obama is in the middle of a trip to South Korea.”

North Korea released Australian missionary John Short and U.S. Korean War veteran Merrill Newman within just a few weeks of their arrest, in December and March respectively.

The U.S. State Department currently advises against all travel to North Korea.

An earlier version of this article included non-KCNA translations of the original Korean article.

Image: Victor Flickr Creative Commons 

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About the Author

Hamish Macdonald

Hamish Macdonald is an NK News contributor and has previously worked at The Korea Herald and for the Australia Centre for Independent Journalism in Sydney.

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  • Filipe

    I wonder what he presented as an argument for the asylum request.

    • Thurlow Weed

      He couldn’t get a decent hair cut in the US.

    • Neutroll

      If someone really needs asylum they should seek out a country that might grant it, not some crazy country like North Korea.

      You know back in the day of the Soviet Union they’d occasionally trot out someone who had ‘defected’, but for the most part they didn’t actually want it.

      The reason is those people are a burden, nobody wants some countries malcontents.

  • Joey

    You’d think North Korea would invite him with open arms as a good opportunity for propaganda.

    • Sentinel

      Unless he’s seeking it there cause he’s a pedo, or something..

    • Doge Wallace

      I think this is better propaganda.

    • WilliamWeishaupt

      Yes and no. Good propaganda would be a high-level defector, someone with standing in society like a scientist or intellectual. A malcontent like this kid, who is most likely there because he’s bought into the idea that the U.S. is the most oppressive nation in the world and that everything he has heard about N.K. is lies, is going to be more trouble for N.K. authorities than he’s worth.

      My guess is that they’ll keep him around for a short time, treat him relatively well, and then send him back. His propaganda value is much higher back in the U.S., where he can tell everyone how N.K. really wasn’t “all that bad” while, meanwhile, the N.K. authorities don’t have to keep an eye on him.

  • me

    10th of May? Reporting from the future?

  • Warren Lauzon

    I wonder asylum from what? But I am surprised they did not parade him on TV for propaganda before sending him to the labor camps.

    • Leon Davis

      The last last time the DPRK “paraded” (perp-walked) anyone on TV was the crew of the Pueblo. Nowadays, they sit someone down and point cameras at him while he reads a statement but I don’t call that “parading”. I call that “CYA” from the perspective of the DPRK. In other words, “we had a reason for detaining this guy and he will tell you why in his own words”.

  • C.R.K.

    Oh boy, he’s going to feel silly when he’s put in a forced labor (death) camp.

    • WilliamWeishaupt

      That would negate his propaganda value.

      A smarter move would be to treat him well, show him the prettied-up sides of N.K., and then send him back home, where he can serve as a mouthpiece about how much better N.K. supposedly is than it is portrayed in the media. Given that, judging from his claim of asylum, he obviously buys into the notion that the U.S. is an oppressive society that spreads lies about N.K., I have a feeling he’d buy into that sort of manipulation pretty easily.

    • Mujer Mexicana

      Well, he just got 6 years of hard labor. I feel sorry for the kid…

  • Bradley Greenwood


    1) For wanting to live in hell on earth; 2) Thinking they wanted him.

    North Korea is the most racist country on the planet. They DO NOT want foreigners living there… and CERTAILY not infecting “the purest race”:

    • Alisha

      Have you heard of James Dresnok, an American ex-pat living in North Korea with a wife and two children?

      • Bradley Greenwood

        Have you heard that he is not married to a Korean? Can you name any other Europeans who have been “welcomed”? I certainly hope you are not trying to teach ME about the DPRK. Do you know WHY they allowed him to stay? No? Well, Professor Alisha… GOOGLE AWAY!!!

        • cc

          Lots of american teachers of PUST live in north korea

          • Bradley Greenwood

            Are they part of NK society? What is your definition of “lots”?

          • Guest

            They are temporary teachers at the almost-private Pyongyang university of Science and Education

            A female teacher made a video named
            My Experience at PUST(North Korea)

            You can watch it in youtube.

            Asians respect teachers regardless of what country they come from and its considered uncivilized to disrespect teachers the same goes to NK

          • cc

            They are temporary teachers at the almost-private Pyongyang university of Science and Technology

            A female teacher made a video named
            My Experience at PUST(North Korea)

            You can watch it in youtube.

            Asians respect teachers regardless of what country they come from and its considered uncivilized to disrespect teachers the same goes to NK

        • Regan

          Wow, you’re kind of a cunt.
          Alisha pointed out a ‘foreigner living there’ which you stated they DO NOT want, and you treated her like slime.

          • Bradley Greenwood

            Haven’t heard or seen the word “cunt” in a long time; wow. Stay classy, Regan :)

        • Avram Cohen

          Bradley Greenwood, you sir win the asshole dickhead of the year award!

          • Bradley Greenwood

            And you win the filthy, disgusting Jew of the year award.

          • John W

            Wow are we a racist or what ? Just because Regan and Cohen are idiots for using foul language does not excuse your words at all !

          • Truthtoday15


      • KamJos

        He has been married twice. The first wife they gave him was a European. The second wife they gave him is the illegitimate child of an African diplomat and a Korean woman.

    • Leon Davis

      If the DPRK is so “racist” why was Marshal Kim pictured on KCNA TV several times hugging Dennis Rodman? And why did the DPRK allow those two American hip-hop artists to film rap videos on Kim Il Sung Square? The DPRK has warm relations with Russians. African delegations are showing up in Pyongyang all the time. If you want to meet some really racist people, visit Japan.

      • Bradley Greenwood

        “Marshal Kim”? I guess I know where you are coming from…

        Please do your homework… you Juche guy, you.

      • Xavier

        Leon Davis, get a grip please. I have lived in Japan for more than 3 years, and I also lived in Korea and worked in China. Japan is NOT more racist than its neighbours. All three have similar levels of xenophobia.

  • JamesPiekko1

    He knew too much about Benghazi and hid the only place he is safe from Obama i bet, alex jones will talk about this soon. Bomarian assassins were following this guy every where he went and they shoot people good or not

  • A Thought

    So essentially it’s a useful idiot meeting reality? Huh.

  • Bradley Greenwood

    Can we trade him for Obama? I think the US would get the better end of that deal.

    • John Gabriel

      Only if we can trade you and your ilk with Obama.

      • Bradley Greenwood

        Wow! Snappy comeback! Extra points for using your new word, “ilk”.

        • John Gabriel

          Do not project yourself onto others. Just because ‘ilk’ is a new word for you does not mean that it’s a new word for me.

          Presumptuous much?

          • Bradley Greenwood

            Nice try Johnny, but you need some more practice at being a troll. :)

  • joshuagenes

    Free prison labor North Korea!— from you buddy America.

  • Madis

    Could it be the hacker described here: (the age, name, and possible need for asylum suit).

    • John

      Don’t think so. Uri Tours says his name is Matt Miller.

  • ConservativesSuckAss

    Maybe this is a good opportunity! We could trade him for Kenneth Bae! Switch the American who wants to stay for the America staying against his own free will!

  • John Gabriel

    Miller Matthew Todd is fleeing the police state called the USA.

    Expect this sort of thing to happen more in future. I would not have chosen North Korea.

    • Xavier

      haha, of course, the USA is a “police state”…don’t they arrest you there for all sorts of ludicrous reasons? You probably think the illuminati is ruling the world too, right?

      • Warren Lauzon

        Yes they do – my buddy was arrested here just last week for watching a South Korean drama, and my neighbors were dragged off a few weeks ago for having too many Choco-pies.

        • Luke McKee

          My Mate @sunoljohn is being prosecuted by @garyburnsblog for rehashing some of my tweets / blog posts and is facing real jail time. In Australia they have a special gay court as well as NSW Police GLLO special gay police. It’s called the anti-discrimination board of NSW!

          On it’s exemptions page it says gays don’t have to follow the law and can do lawful discrimination i.e. hate crimes. The country has gone mad! More info / links on @gaysabovethelaw on twitter.

          • Xavier

            dude, you sound completely insane and all your ramblings have no credibility whatsoever

          • gaysabovethelaw

            What’s insane is gay vigilantes who jail normal police for obstructing gay public sex.

   is their website. It has the special gay court logo on their website – the NSW Anti-Discrimination board I talked about earlier. They jail people for being against alister crowley’s religion of boy rape and anal sex black magick – as admitted on their webpage (see legal page)

            Mark Dice on his youtube video shows Alister Crowley’s book saying young boys must be killed.


            Disagree with that? You have done a crime against the state. You are being an religious intolerant bigot if you are against satanic boy rape! Boys must be raped! Got that?

            Mark Legg and Linda Divine of (conspiracy theory website) were jailed for being against the OTO activities buying day care centres, raping kids and operating secret churches (see their facebook page). Look up Alister Crowley on Rotten dot com for the full story.

            More information on the ADB is at

            oh yes, and the just put out a press release saying they wants to remove all religious discrimination exemptions from the anti-discrimination act for churches making it a crime to refuse gay marriage proving everything I predicted is coming true. Makes you wonder who is insane eh?

            See if gays are doing crap like that they BELONG in the DSM-IV book of mental disorders. Instead of the faggot judge here Justice Kirby saying if you don’t agree with the gay lobby you have a mental ilness. See him exposed at…


          • Gloria

            There are currently 21 valid arrest warrants out for Luke Mc Kee if he ever comes back to Australia. He will be locked up once he alights the plane.

          • Xavier

            haha, really? I’m not surprised! You have links regarding his warrants?

          • gaysabovethelaw

            Nice try but it is your mate Gary Burn’s the gay nut who threatens anal rape who will be going to jail not I. Ask him which police officer broke the law releasing that information to him, and most of the warrants are fabricated crap for the crime of investigating why gay criminals are giving ZB951 visas to prositutes who work in a brothel that has a lesbian night.

            Here’s why your mate Gary Burns WILL GO TO JAIL :) Aka “Gloria” for his love of Gloria Jean’s christian owned coffee and winning the Gloria Award for being the biggest gay wanker under the sun.


            Gary Burn’s won the award for defending the corrupt police minister who took my complaint against gay cops before I was accused of the crime of knowing a secret gay cop was gay – i.e. 60c nsw crimes act. It’s a small world isn’t it – when your gay stalkers come after you. If I’m deluded what are these fag trolls doing chasing me to the ends of the earth thinking it’s the end of theirs eh?

            If you didn’t notice one of my stalkers on this thread will be going to jail for HATE CRIMES against heterosexuals. If gays say equality – then give out DEATH/RAPE/SODOMY threats shouldn’t we give some equal love and threaten to kill them too? The irony is the idiot doing these RAPE/SODOMY/DEATH threats to people by name with the preposition will lodges 80% of the homosexual villification cases in the state of NSW Australia – ironally the same place where another GAY JUDGE said because HOMOSEXUALITY IS MADE LEGAL – LETS LEGALIZE INCESTUAL SODOMY aka GAYDADS BABY RAPE he says.

            Now after blaming me for his own hate crimes, that’s false criminal accusations and perjury in the Australian jurisdiction – he is now in trouble in the Australian jurisdiction. The death threats has been traced back to his official facebook and his offical email garry at – he calls

            Now I thought I would include my letter to Mother Russia in case you thought I wasn’t bluffing. The fact he stalks me on these forums this gay criminal who threatens to anally rape for the cause is right here amongst the gay trolls RIGHT HERE!

            (using the name “gloria”)

            Dear Consul,

            I will be talking to you about this on Monday. This gay activist Gary Burn’s says he wants to go to Russia and be arrested for the cause on his official facebook page. He is even trying to sue my father.

            He is threatening to kill Russian citizens by name, and blaming me for his own hate crimes against Russia he did online. This is an act of perjury and he can be prosecuted in Australian jurisdiction for this – because those false claims were made to a court – @NCATNSW (Civil and Administrative Tribunal of NSW). Please refer this to your police attache liaison for investigation, and also ask them to petition Australian law enforcement to stop protecting gay criminals who have a close relationship with NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn.

            Please use diplomatic channels to ask the NSW Police to take action, and ask your own police forces (St Petersberg I presume) to obtain a google data order proving the death threats come from [email protected] (I have already proven this in my youtube videos – but the Google Data order will release his IP address in Australia). If that google data order could be leaked to me I would be eternally grateful.

            Clover Moore’s staffer Alex Greenwich is responsible for Getting Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr to bring up gay rights issues at the G20 in Sochi. Here is the intelligence on this I forwarded to your embassy last year. Gary Burn’s also worked for Clover Moore. The diplomatic strife the gay lobby has caused your country is irreprehensible, and as an Australian (well ex-Australian) I apologize in disgust at what my country has turned into.

            Alex’s letter to Bob Carr is public. Bob Carr’s response to Alex Greenwich was not (it was only talked about in Gay news – but I got it for you and sent it to the embassy last year – attached) .




            (this will make your blood boil)



            His letter to Bob Carr is offline – but I’ll paste it here for you.

            Remember Gary Burns and Alex Greenwich both work/worked for Clover Moore. That is a fact.

            I’ll be in touch soon.

            Kind Regards,

            Luke McKee

            From my old posts censored due to gay lobby bribes:



            Quote from: Alex Greenwich

            5 August 2013
            Senator the Hon Bob Carr
            Minister for Foreign Affairs
            GPO Box 36
            Sydney, NSW, 2001
            Dear Minister
            Homophobic Russian Laws
            I write to ask for your action to publicly oppose draconian homophobic laws introduced in Russia and call on Russia to abandon these laws.
            Recent laws passed in Russia ban the adoption of Russian born children to gay couples or single parents from countries with marriage equality, allow police to arrest and detain tourists and foreigners suspected of being gay or pro-gay, and vaguely define pornography that could see someone who argues for tolerance or educates children about homosexuality arrested and fined.
            These laws are outrageous and go against Russia’s commitments to human rights and fundamental freedoms.
            Gay men and lesbians are already experiencing increased hatred and violence in Russia and these laws will only legitimise and increase the prevalence of that aggression. With the Winter Olympics taking place in Sochi, Russia in February, Australian LGBTI athletes and visitors will be at risk of arrest and violence.
            I believe Australia should express clear and public opposition against these laws and put pressure on the Government of the Russian Federation to withdraw them. A number of my constituents and LGBTI advocates tell me they believe Australia should play an active role opposing the laws.
            With the G20 Leaders’ Summit to be held in St Petersburg on September 5-6, there is opportunity for Australia’s representative to meet with Russian leaders to express alarm over the laws and call for their withdrawal. I also ask you to meet with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Australia on this serious matter and make a public condemnation of the laws.
            As a tolerant country that recognises basic international human rights obligations and that has made significant progress against discrimination, Australia should work to improve the treatment of the LGBTI communities internationally.
            Could you please publicly oppose Russia’s draconian and homophobic laws and inform me what action you will take?
            Yours sincerely
            Alex Greenwich
            Member for Sydney

            He then plugs this MSNBC video about Obama – from here:


            Quote from: @A;exGreenwich

            Will you join US President Barack Obama in condemning Russia’s homophobic new laws @KRuddMP ? #auspol

            ———- Forwarded message ———-
            From: Luke McKee
            Date: 4 July 2014 10:32

            NCAT Registrar,

            Please refer these youtube video links to NSW Police as a perjury investigation against Gary Burns (ex Clover Moore staffer) for tending the attached document to NCAT NSW which breeches the NSW Crimes act for perjury and false criminal allegations. These are crimes against the state of NSW that must be sent for investigation.



            They will be shown to a court just as Gary previously could show John Sunol’s youtube videos, or you are bigots.

            Gary Burn’s has no legal right to blame his own criminal death threats against anti-gay activists in Russia on an UNHCR certified refugee from Australia’s gay lobby & from NSW GLLO gay police persecution living abroad. I was just happy putting a picture up of his crimes against foreign citizens, but now that he has done perjury his has made this a matter for the Australian jurisdiction by doing perjury and submitting the document to NCAT I have provided a photo of in this email.

            These are crimes under the NSW Crimes Act and you should refer the matter to the Police. Please see the document attached he gave to NCAT and did perjury / false criminal allegations by claiming I was impersonating him threatening to kill Russians.

            the 2 youtube videos attached (and more coming don’t you worry) prove that the Death threats against Russians originate [email protected] (ignore the typo in the first vid – gmail UI bug – see second video for correction) and that he made similar more toned down threats on his facebook page (I have a backup of his WHOLE facebook page available on request) around the same time. I discovered his rape/sodomy/murder threats May 2nd – his facebook comment if you see the video was before then.

            If you do not refer the matter to the police your court will be scandalized for supporting gay criminals who threaten to rape/murder/sodomize for the gay lobby cause, whilst suing heterosexuals for a lot less. You will provide the NSW Police event number when you do this. I have more than just screenshots for forensic evidence of Gary Burn’s crimes, but of course I have done no hoax, and Gary is the perjurer. I demand the NSW Police get a google data order for his comments on his google plus account he has since deleted after my youtube videos were released. His death threats are still in Google cache if you google the name of the Russian woman he was threatening to rape/murder/sodomize.

            I’ll refute all other Gary’s false claims in the attached document at a later time (youtube). I think it’s obvious to say I’m not in North Korea or you would have heard about that on the television by now.

            Gary Burn’s has also obtained my father’s home address from NSW Police, and obtained the number of charges I have for investigating Police corruption / recording police. In addition to this NSW Police criminal conduct they are telling Gary Burns how many flimsly fabricated arrest warrants I have outstanding for critsiing the malicious 60c nsw crimes act prosecution by Clover Moore’s mate Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn – who’s name Gary Burn’s dropped when he first stalked me online. Detective Bell and his friends at Paddington should be referred to PIC for assisting this gay gang stalker who solicited first contact with me using my private information taken from Clover Moore’s office where he worked.

            See pictures here:


            I have a defense for recording police as I fear for my life after receiving a GLLO gay police (Kate Howe / Tui Ormsby & more) sanctioned death threat sent to my fathers home. Future YouTube videos and my father’s testimony who opened the letter will expose this (including court testimony I have on tape from the downing centre) and a female magistrate ruled the origin of the death threat was from the illegal immigrant Violet Fung (now Waterer) that the gay police were assisting with her visa problems and pending deportation where nobody else could. Why gay police? Well I had a gay neighbour allegedly “RJ Randall” that NSW Police used an Alias in a fact sheet according to FOI which is all very strange. If you must know what corruption I exposed please refer to the best ranked comment on this link:
            (NSW GLLO GAY Police get into ZB951 criminal justice stay visa issuance racket – because only gay’s can choose the OIC (Officer in Charge) of investigation – and this of course fosters corruption )

   Same goes for recording NCAT because I have Gary Burns on tape making anal rape threats against me too, but we’ll deal with this one first.


            Luke McKee


            Gloria Jeans senior management.


            Hillsong Church please: forward this to the manager Nabi Saleh and Peter irvine senior management of Gloria Jeans coffee.

            Look normally you would ignore this crap, but Gary Burn’s every day is trying to jail people for speaking out against homosexual crap. But this guy is running a hate page against your group because it’s owned by a Christian Church, or at least was previously before GYP singapore took over overseas francising.

            Also this man loves to harrass the Jewish community too.


            Here’s the offending post, and be sure to see his offical blog with his address. Contact John laws or Brendan Ritson for his address to process serve him.

            See these videos about him and see the proof he is saying online that only men who rape children are your customers. I think that’s a pretty clear cut case of corporate defimation, and he’s got his trolls following him around backing up his absurd claims.



            This man gary burns going down in an epic failure vs Bernard Gaynor, and now today I found out he’s suing my father for this free speech!



            For more information on Gary:





            He’s even suing John Laws for 100k. The guy is a nut – and he deserves to be exposed as such. Nobody has the right to say only men who penetrate young boys buy gloria jeans coffee!

            And the funny thing is I wasn’t even searching for this. I was searching for the nickname gary burns and gloria he uses because he won the gloria award from sydney’s gay community. for talking about the police cheif exposed as a closet homo by channel 7. For more information on that google “60c nsw crimes act stomfront” and click on the first link.

            He uses the nickname “gloria” wen stalking me online. So I found this by chance.



            Luke McKee

          • Luke McKee

   yeah no credibility – a top barrister just took down her website in fear of me.. No credability. AHAHAH You are dreaming, dreaming mate :)

    • Luke McKee

      The news isn’t covering this. I found a youtube channel of someone obsessed on the issue and every day Department of State has no new information. They know something about this guy. He may be the real deal a genuine defector or not.. I don’t know.

  • Luke McKee

    Maybe they got my idea. I’ll be talking to NK about this. Is he really legit? I’m only considered it to avoid death because the propaganda about NK is so strong, but when you have got nothing left to loose – a few small cadre of people could consider this. My first preference is Russia for asylum no disrespect to Dear Leader Kim Jeong Un.
    As god as my witness I went to the North Korean embassy in Vietnam and gave a dossier on Gay Judge Justice Kirby and made all this happen!

    Everyone is using “holocaust” comparisons to start world war III. Gay judge from Australia Justice Michael Donald Kirby is trying to get a UN WAR order (without veto from China / Russia) against North Korea by comparing North Korea to Nazi’s. Only problem is that police in his HOME country wear NAZI SS DEATH CAMP symbols with [gay] pride. Record this crap on AJ (Al Gore TV) .. Gay judge from Australia trying to get a UN Security council sanctioned war against north korea – using “holocaust” comparisons – where in Australia special gay police wear nazi symbolism with pride!
    Michael Kirby is a bigot and a fool. He uses the term NAZI to describe North Korea but NSW Police where he hails from wears NAZI SS designed logos with pride. I am a political refugee from Australia due to persecution from these special gay police – google “hate crime and terrorism” to see a government website showing they do in fact exist. In South Africa only whites could investigate blacks if there was a white victim. In Australia only special GLLO nazi logo wearing gay police can investigate heterosexuals if a homo points the finger. In South Africa “No Blacks Allowed” signs lawful. In Australia “No Heterosexuals Allowed signs” in front of pre-schools for gay dads lawful. Think I’m joking. See the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board’s exemption page “It’s not against the law to discriminate against someone who is not homosexual, it’s only against the law to discriminate against someone who is homosexual”. Pure BIGOTRY. Read that again and change the H word to “white” and tell me it’s not bigoted. Gay Apartied down under. He goes out in public and defends the closet homosexual NSW Police Minister David Campbell here where the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ACMA (think FCC if you are American) says people who are closet homosexuals going to PUBLIC GAY SEX CLUBS deserve to be outed, and DONT DESERVE TO BE PUBLIC OFFICIALS because they can be “compromized” blackmailed to do the bidding of the gay lobby. THE FEDERAL GOVERMENT HAS SAID YOU DONT HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE A CLOSET HOMOSEXUAL LIKE KIRBY WAS FOR 20 YEARS BECAUSE OF BLACKMAIL OF THE GAY LOBBY (those who know you are gay) (Channel 7 video: David Campbell MP – who there is a video of on my channel took my complaint against corrupt conduct of gay police who have gone into the business of giving criminal justice stay visas (ZB 951) to illegal immigrants facing deportation for fraud as visa of last resort – BEFORE I WAS ACCUSED OF AUSTRALIA’S RAREST CRIME AND FIRST OUTLAW MOTORCYCLE GANG LAW 60C NSW CRIMES ACT. Gay Rights Activist Lee Rhiannon MLC Said only corrupt police would use this evil law, before only GAY POLICE DID. Crime of obtaining information (sexual preference) on law enforcement! Secret Gay police? I know it’s strange you should see the search warrant on my site. The gay mafia is everywhere. They just ruled if you are against Alister Crowley’s religion that talks about anal sex black magick and the murder of young boys you will be sued for religious vilification. See Mark Dice’s channel for information on that religion of child rape it’s a crime against the state to stand against. You can see him holding up Alister Crowley’s book with the relevant section highlighted! Look up the case of gay attorney general Rob Hulls vs for religious vilification against the OTO Australia that run “secret location” churches. Before David Campbell got done using his tax payer funded car to to a public gay sex club “Kens Karate Club” … Justice Kirby had provided a taxi service to “male prostitutes” according to a sworn affidavit. – Remember even gays support my cause against special gay police. See this interview back to back with Lord Mayor of Sydney Election Eve 2010 on Sydney’s only gay radio show 2SER Queer Noise saying Just that!

    I am the man that gave North Korea the dossier on Justice Kirby and his bidding for the gay lobby in Australia to their Hanoi Embassy last month. The reason I am a political refugee from Australia confirmed on UNHCR letterhead is available on tinyurl dot com slash homocopvictim . Here so the reason I despise him is his support of a closet homosexual police minister David Campbell MP the ACMA GOV AU (think FCC if you are American) said closet homosexuals can’t stay in the closet if they are going to public gay sex clubs (Kens at Kensington). The ACMA ruled he could be blackmailed to do the bidding of the gay lobby due to his behaviors so it was fit for Channel 7 News Australia to out him. Justice Kirby was a closet homosexual unfit to judge for 20 years by the same logic. David Campbell took my complaint due to NSW Gay police who wear pink dash triangle dot org NAZI SS designed logos with pride – the arresting officer Tui Ormsby is in the UK Mirror Newspaper “boosted by a lesbian tiff” for domestic violence almost occasioning in death. I have been accused of 60C NSW Crimes Act – Obtain True personal information on a law enforcement officer (sexual preference) – a law that self professed gay rights activist and Senator Lee Rhiannon said at the laws inception only corrupt police would use – before only gay police used Australia’s rarest crime and first “outlaw motorcycle gang law” targeted legislation. I have Justice Kirby on tape from a 30 min discussion we had in 2010 that proves he doesn’t care about human rights if it’s the homosexuals doing the persecution! I will release it in due course. You have enough to investigate my claim of asylum against Australia’s gay lobby that justice Kirby is part of. No wonder why in today’s news American’s are defecting to North Korea (Michael Todd). I have been featured on the Alex Jones Show, 2SER Queer noise (yes gay supporters) truthnews radio Australia and a lot more. Nobody would dare blog this? Why?

    • Wow

      You are legitimately a fucking idiot. Holy shit.

    • Artoo45

      Methinks the Aussie doth protest too much . . . you have an obsession, sir. I’d have that looked at.

      • Luke McKee

        I’m a political refugee fleeing thought crime prosecution for an evil law. These fuckers want to take me away from my wife and child.. what would you do? nothing shut up and die quietly for the sake of gay pride? everyone accused of 60c nsw crimes act before me is a death in custody. It is the crime of obtaining information that incriminates police. It is a whisteblower death order. Google the law and see I’m legit. Rarest crime in Australia and first “outlaw motorcycle gang law”. In America you say “see something say something”. In Australia on Police websites it’s “dob in a bikie”. You have the patriot act, we have outlaw motorcycle gang laws. Gay activists said only corrupt cops would use the law before the holy NSW Police GLLO gay sex cops used it. Think this is insane? Google “hate crime and terrorism” and click ont he first link. You’ll see a government page with 9/11, London Bombing and gay police fighting terrorists all on the same page. The hate crime reporting act in america will make your country a gay police state too. This is insanity. Why are these fuckers making arrest warrants for me with these insane laws!

        • Artoo45

          You seem obsessed with homosexuality. It’s very obvious for those of us outside your head. And Alex Jones? You want me to take you seriously for proudly stating that you appeared on a show that is basically a bastion of fringe idiocy? We’re done here.

          • Luke McKee

   queer noise (gay radio show broke ranks to support my stance against gay police using a law gay rights activists said only corrupt police would use before only gay cops did – then the greens party dropped their own human rights stance against the law because authoriatian gays with guns of course is more important than human rights). You don’t control the internet as much as you fags want with internet censorship laws. You don’t say when we are done. You don’t have the right to dictate to me. I didn’t ask for a leftist fag dictator.. Look you can’t deny the facts. I’m the only guy who has been arrested on two contintents by mainstream criminal gay police ONLY! :) Debunk this! I’m the man arrested by mainstream media confirmed criminal gay police
            on two contients. We Are Change Bakersfield – your police is on Alex
            Jones show! Gay child raping pedo cop from BAKERSFIELD CA arrested me, and took my
            first born away. Mainstream media confirmed story. Google Christopher
            Bowersox Bakersfield police or look him on on
            child sex offender registrary. More info at tinyurl dot com /
            arrestedbychildrapingfagcop Bakersfield Police Cheif in ABC affiliates’ KERO Video says Bowersox a professional cop
            because he’s only trying to rape little boys off duty! He makes a false
            victimhood story to only get 2 years jail in SETAC federal prison. He
            joined a beastality website 2 years before he allegedly became depraved
            after seeing a child killed by a hand grenade due to my website. He lied
            to get out of 10 years jail. He was tipped of by FBI and they only
            found his backup disk. He was online asking how do I erase my hard disk.
            All information on the links I gave! Please Vote this up everyone

            needs to see what Bakersfield Police are capable of. This may be the
            “Lords of Bakersfield” pedophile ring at work! Sean Penn has even made a
            movie about them called Witch Hunt. Former DA when all this went down
            Ed Jagels is widely known to be connected to the ring and is in the
            movie. – Australian incident –
            – see Bowersox gay child rapist cop’s handwriting on my charge sheet
            here and see Luke McKee DOB 1980 is wanted at the
            exactly same date on Kern county court house website so it’s no fake.

          • Luke McKee

            Your first born child was taken away by a mainstream media confirmed gay child porn producing (probably child raping) gay pedophile.. And Artoo45 says “such is life – don’t obsess over it”. What kind of person would give that kind of advice except a… gay child raping pedo? I’m just saying ……

    • Xavier

      Luke, I’m being serious here, but help is available out there for mental problems.

  • Paul

    How do we know if any thing nk says is true. They more likely grabed a u.s citizen at Radom for propaganda. Don’t you think it’s rather convenient that this happens when the u.s president is visiting South Korea. Don’t believe anything the fat boy king says, he has nothing left but crapy weapons model plans with a Cam tape to it and his lies. They aren’t even good liers.

  • Leon Davis

    I disagree with Leonid Petrov. The detention of Miller is not a “PR bonanza” for the DPRK. Far from it. Here’s why. For starters, the DPRK doesn’t do “Public Relations”.They don’t even do propaganda very well. This is mostly because their access to western media is extremely limited and for another, everyone assumes they’re lying no matter what they say. Fully 95% of what people hear about north Korea is written up in the south Korea press and south Korea hates the North. Another reason the PR idea is silly is that to do good public relations, you must first thoroughly understand the target audience. The DPRK has a very rudimentary and wildly skewed understanding of American culture. They couldn’t begin to formulate a credible message. What they should be saying is something like this: “the DPRK welcomes tourists from all countries and that includes Americans. All we ask is that you be respectful and mind your manners.” The authorities should have immediately kicked Miller out unless he actually assaulted someone or had drugs in his system or on his person. And no, you don’t get your money back.

    • Jim

      I hope you don’t get paid for analyzing Korean affairs.

      • Leon Davis

        And what did you contribute to the conversation? Zero. Point to one thing I said that was factually wrong; tell us all why I was wrong; and do it in such a way that you don’t make a complete ass out of yourself. Every point I made was rock-solid and you’re a troll.

  • Ranchero

    Heard the kid on the news. Either he’s a loser or he has Asperger’s. He’s a freak and I’d like to know what he was doing in NK in the first place. Obama needs to announce that for any American that goes to NK, don’t expect to be saved or for the US government to help get them back.

  • Avram Cohen

    After watching the CNN interview with Miller my thoughts are leave the punk there, what mental douchebag, when asked many question his response his no comment??!
    We don’t want you back in the states Miller, your mental quack traitor!

  • dustin

    you have to be a special kind of stupid to go to north korea and tear up your travel visa. and mega-retarded to go to north korea and try to leave bibles laying around. these people are beyond dumb

  • Peter G.

    The shy smart kid is crazy let him deal with the situation he brought on by himself.

  • mike

    not our problem he made his choice

  • Judgemental

    It’s possible that Miller is suffering from some type of mental illness. He’s right at the age when mental illness is most commonly diagnosed. From all accounts this kid/man was extremely shy, so it sounds way out of character for him to have done such a thing. Especially in the public manner that he did it. And there’s no rationality to what he said or did. I think it’s safe to assume that the possibility of him being diagnosed is slim to none. It’s sad because he’s so young. I hope something can be done for him, and all of the Americans being held there.

    • Avram Cohen

      The freak should be shot for being a traitor!

  • Avram Cohen

    This freak Miller should not of been allowed back in the states!