Understanding Christian witnessing in N. Korea

Despite dangers and criticisms, Christians fear ‘eternal consequences’ of not carrying out missions
March 26th, 2014

John Short is a free man again, having endured 15 days of interrogations and emerging with his health intact.

The Australian missionary’s reason for entering – his faith – appears to have strengthened him during the experience (though a hunger strike may have shortened the ordeal), culminating in his release earlier this month.

But not

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About the Author

Rob York

Rob York is a reporter and editor for NK News. He previously spent four years at The Korea Herald reporting on topics including North Korean affairs.

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  • jimbo

    “Mr Short has done nothing to assist the North Korean people, nor advance their rights or benefit their living conditions”

    that’s assuming this world is all there is…..
    Mr Short believes there is a life after death…..there is now considerable, independent, scientific evidence which backs this up…..in particular: the recent NDE of Dr Ebden Alexander, renowned US neuro-surgeon;
    Mr Short believes that the Bible (and, in particular, the words of Jesus Christ) most clearly describe this other world…..
    Mr Short also believes that, again, in line with the words of Jesus Christ and the various Epistles, your material and, even, physical/health conditions in this world are of very little if any eternal significance…..only where you stand with Almighty God counts……and….not to warn people of this is the worst sort of criminal negligence imaginable…..which will, also, have eternal consequences….

    • Ingo

      Hi Jimbo,
      ” there is now considerable, independent, scientific evidence which backs this up “.

      Please tell me more about those Scientific papers, I would like to do some reading.

      Best regards, i

      • jimbo

        !Google! “Alexander Ebden” on Y-tb….
        and….check out the near death site………near-death.com ;

    • Ditto_Bird

      Jimbo, I am Christian, but with great respect, the fact that you used “believes” and “scientific” in the same sentence shows there might some confusion on your part about what science is. “Scientific evidence” means that independently conducted experiments and/or observations can be performed that repeatedly duplicate the results that someone else has achieved using in a controlled environment. I have Ebden Alexander’s book (lent out now before I read it) and I look forward to reading it, given Alexander’s background. With respect to life after death, I have faith that indeed there is, BUT THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE THAT THERE IS.

      Science is not about faith/belief: they are two completely separate things. A fact, unfortunately, that a lot of evangelicals in North America clearly and demonstrably do not understand. I am not assuming you fall into that category,

      • jimbo

        the Bible is not a science text=book….but…..where it ‘touches’ on science, it is 100% accurate…..

        i used not to believe that, but, after considerable research, i am now convinced that the Biblical account(s) are true and correct in all respects….

        i am not going to argue abt all that here…..there are plenty of online resources for that…..which, no doubt, you are aware of…. creation.com and answersingenesis.org , for instance…..including ‘real-time’ interaction with Bible-believing Christians on the AIG facebook pg…… facebook.com/answersingenesis !

        good luck to you!

        *oh…BTW……Alexander’s book is well worth the effort, from what i understand…..especially since he convincingly rebuts all the arguments against his now firm belief in life after death*

        • Xavier

          Jimbo, I just noticed you recommending AIG’s page. With that one single recommendation, you just discredited everything you said. AIG followers and Ken Ham followers believe the earth is 6000 years old and that book of Genesis is the literal truth, which contradicts all evidence and has been proven wrong by generations of serious scientists.

          • jimbo

            AIG and other similar orgs like ICR (icr.org) have their own, highly-qualified scientists who claim that they have refuted the “old Earthers”;
            of course, these scientists are *barred* from publishing in secular, peer-reviewed journals like “Nature” because such publications have a pre-existing bias to prohibit any-thing that substantially challenges the neo-Darwininan world view…..it’s called “methodological naturalism” and has been exposed time and time again….Philip E Johnson’s “Reason in the Balance” is, probably, one of the best and most readable exposés of it…..

          • Xavier

            Well, there’s a reason these are not published in Nature: they wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny. But regardless of the perceived bias of Nature and other such publications, the fact remains that arguing in 2014 that the Earth is 6000 years old doesn’t make more sense than arguing the world is flat. Both claims are equally foolish and do not stand up to even the most basic scrutiny. I am sure that even you, Jimbo, regardless of your love for Jesus Christ, recognize that.

          • jimbo

            i go by what the Bible says…..and it says that the Earth is *thousands* rather than billions of years old….although, there may be some quibble as to whether it is, actually, 6000 or, maybe, 10000…..

            God was there when it happened…..*not* the editors of Nature or any other so-called ‘scientist’……if what they claim conflicts with the Bible, then, i consider it as less than nothing….

            to para-phrase Mr Ham…..”there is a Book”

          • Xavier

            But Jimbo, the Bible is full of contradictions (look it up), because it was written over generations by pastoralists and peasants. To even think that you would take it literally is baffling. You can believe in God all you want, but to believe that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old flies in the face of common sense. Except for a few hardcore (most of whom are employed by AIG and like-minded foundations anyway), all God-loving Christian scientists know that the Earth is not 10,000 years old. You prefer to believe a 2000-year-old book over the work of thousands of trained and evidence-based scientists?

            You know that Ken Ham himself said that even if there was evidence proved that God did NOT exist, he would still believe in God? How extraordinary!!! All scientists are ready to change their mind when confronted with contradictory evidence.

          • jimbo

            “All scientists are ready to change their mind when confronted with contradictory evidence.”

            no they’re not!

            apart from the age-of-the-Earth issue, the evidence for Intelligent Design in Nature is almost overwhelming…..yet yr so-called “scientists” still refuse to change their stance……..

            see, for instance, the docco/movie “No Intelligence Allowed”, hosted by Ben Stein……..

            (also….i’v never found any contradictions in the Bible….whereas so-called “science” is riddled with them!)

          • Xavier

            Jimbo, since you seem to be the flag-bearer for young-earthers, I’m sorry to have to crush your illusions of Bible infallibility. I have personally read some of these contradictions. If you want hundreds (yes, hundreds!) more contradictions/inconsistencies/mistakes in the Bible, check this out:





            I have seen Ben Stein’s movie, all it does is use interviews to purportedly show the bias against ID…that’s because those are not supported by actual science! Tell me Jimbo, do you believe the Earth is less than 10,000 years old? what about the fossils? The layers? Carbon dating? Dinosaurs?

    • Xavier

      Sorry Jimbo, believe all you want, but there is not a shred of evidence of live after death.

      Near death experiences, including Dr. Alexander’s, are always subjective, seen only (obviously) by the persons who had them, and are subject to all kinds of misinterpretations due to neurological activity when the subject is unconscious.

      • jimbo

        there is *more than enough evidence* to convince any oper-minded person of LAD….

        as i posted abv….Mr Alexander has answered *all* the so-called ‘objections’ to his experience in his book…..

        (i put “Mr” Alexander because, in the UK, Canada, Australia and NZ, specialists like him are called “Mr” rather than “Dr”…..just a bit of antipodean trivia!)

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/mantisarmy Jim Knowles

    Atheist countries are more benevolent. By looking at many religions we can see how women are not treated as equal. We have Islam, where women are made to walk behind men and are not allowed to be in the same room as men that are not related to them. We then have Catholics who do not allow the ordination of females. The most tolerant religion to women and their rights is protestantism; but that is the most secular religion of the three. From this we can infer that the more secular, the more respect for women and their rights, therefore the more benevolent the people. I for one am happy the Kim family has abolished christianity.

    • jimbo

      well….many regimes and governments have sought to “abolish Christianity”…..going right back to the Roman Empire and, later, the French Revolution and the days of Voltaire…..the former USSR tried and failed….so did Communist China…..

      persecuting Christians is a complete no-brainer because it only *strengthens* their faith…..

      as the Scriptures say: “the blood of the martyrs is seed”……that seed is used by the Holy Ghost to reap a huge harvest of souls…..

  • Same story as always

    Someone always feels entitled to change another nation’s ways for the mere fact they want to, or may feel compelled to. This article is firstly, all over the place and very hard to even follow. It secondly could be re-written in a lot of other contexts. These people who are detained – it’s like a foreigner going to the United States and while on the plane accidentally tries the cockpit door because they just really have to go, or maybe a foreigner is in Canada and smokes a little pot, perhaps even had it on them and they’re arrested and detained. Detained with process, eventually deported.
    The DPRK is a very slow process. Stop asking for everything because you’re used to 24/7 lifestyles and whims.

    You can’t just say whoops! Ha, sorry, just felt like doing whatever I wanted to in your country despite already knowing the laws. No. You are detained, possibly fined heavily, maybe beaten, even tortured if your crime was bad enough. Everyone (I would hope) who travels into the DPRK knows where they are going and just what they are getting themselves into. Someone saying otherwise is very likely a liar and that. What would the US do to a foreigner committing espionage or terrorism of their lifestyle, rights and ways of life? Step down Christians and entitled government shills, the entitlement is a grotesque plague upon all of humanity and you have no right to infiltrate any place or abuse laws because you feel a superior entitlement. Articles like this solidify that clearly.

    • jimbo

      sorry…..but….Christians are under *the Great Commission” from Almighty God Himself…….that over-rides any laws, regulations or mores of men…

      do you think that any of Christ’s disciples had an easy life.?….they were *martyred*….to *a man*……(except for one: St John)

      Christianity is *the only hope* for North Korea……

      • Same story as always

        You’re a waste to society and do not deserve to live anywhere near a civilized society for your disgusting opinion that Christians are above the law. What a disgrace you are.

  • jimbo

    without Jesus Christ, North Korea is DOOMED!