Expert: Individual catalysts can help Pyongyang develop

Rapid Beijing- or Seoul-style rapid growth not realistic, carries side-effects
January 9th, 2014

When change comes to Pyongyang, the China model is neither desirable nor realistic, an author and expert on urban spaces told NK News.

In the second part of his interview, Dongwoo Yim, author of Pyongyang and Pyongyang After, said that rather than the large-scale urban development the PRC embraced, North Korea should instead pursue

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About the Author

Gianluca Spezza

Gianluca is the research director of NK News. He focuses his research on North Korean society, the role of education in the DPRK, gender issues in North Korea and North Korean ideology. He holds a Master in Humanities from the University of Torino (Italy) and a M.Soc.Sc. in Asian Studies from the University of Turku, Finland. He worked in East Asia (including South Korea) as an education consultant for five years. Mail: [email protected] Follow: @KazakhPilot

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  • jw

    eewww…no, I would like to see that there is still at least ONE place without all the distractions and noise, and pure bullshizzle you see in a regular capitalist society! North Korea can be stable. Kim Jong Un just needs to buy farming equipment and ways to maintain it while temporarily shutting down its nuclear program (so it can satisfy the KPA by making it temporary, and the UN by shutting it down). Do this, and North Korea will have already solved a major problem. Then perhaps we don’t have to have this safehaven away from the taintings of capitalism. Also, if the DPRK just bought the machinery to produce valuables and export it, then they get some relief on some of their budget problems. But god have mercy, we don’t need more shopping malls and places for people to become slaves to a bunch of spoiled rich brats. We don’t need any more of that. Both Mao and Stalin succeeded at completely modernising their countries and turning them into superpower. North Korea can modernize and become strong and prosperous without capitalism. They can do this without the fears that if you don’t exploit your own labor power to generate wealth for someone else then you cannot have a roof over your head and you cannot eat. Everything is exclusive for the rich, the rich get enough pats on the back at the expense of the poor. I don’t want to drive down the street to be plagued with billboards of women who are forced to starve themselves dangerously to make profit for her imperialist exploiters. No No No No NO!
    Capitalism has ruined the environment, we don’t need the northern half of the peninsula being destroyed either so that the koch brothers can put more in their pockets. It just takes a little bit of aid, smart spending, and to do what the soviets did to protect themselves from the problems facing the western markets back then!