Book Review: Bruce Cumings’ North Korea: Another Country

August 24th, 2012

Bruce Cumings is the Chairperson of the History Department and Gustavus F. and Ann M. Swift Distinguished Service Professor in History and the College at the University of Chicago. In 1975, he received his PhD from Columbia University. Cumings’ professional and academic credentials make his compilation of complaints primarily in regard to the United States’

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Sophia Solivio

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  • Guest

    It was a waste of time to read this article twice: First, trying to figure out what the problems were with the book being reviewed and second time to confirm that there was nothing really substantive in the review. Please mention something about the reviewer like for example the NY Times does – who they are, where they work, etc.

  • Guest Who

    It was a waste of time to read your comment about this review. Please mention something about yourself, such as your home, the turd-smeared and piss-scented rock you managed to crawl out from under, like for example the EAT A$$ Times does – who you are, where you don’t work, etc.

  • AmeriKKKaisAlQaeda

    Nice review. Something to keep in mind also is that Cumings has a (South) Korean wife. The DPRK knows this about him, and even had one of their women mess with him on one of his trips. He describes it in one of his other books, War and Television (also really good).