July 02, 2020


Information related to North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs

U.S. has "hope" for more North Korea talks, but sanctions will continue: Pompeo

Secretary of State insists he and President Trump in "lockstep" on DPRK issues following foreign ministry missive

Jacob Fromer March 30, 2020

Stay firm on North Korea "pressure" campaign, Pompeo urges G7 foreign ministers

Secretary of State's comments follow Trump's offer of COVID-19 help to DPRK

Jacob Fromer March 25, 2020

Upgrades, activity ongoing at North Korea's satellite control center: imagery

Facilities in Pyongyang under construction since mid-2017 may be planned “space environment testing base”

Colin Zwirko March 17, 2020

North Korea may be ready with "even more capable" ICBM: Pentagon official

Hearing on U.S. missile defense budget follows North Korea's recent missile tests

Jacob Fromer March 12, 2020

North Korea has “a lot of nuclear power,” Trump warns voters at town hall

U.S. President concedes Americans may not prioritize DPRK issue, but repeats line that Democrats would start a war

Colin Zwirko March 5, 2020

Without a new strategy, the U.S. risks its leadership on the North Korea issue

As maximum pressure and engagement fails, countries in the region are going their own way in dealings with Pyongyang

Henri Feron February 24, 2020

Into the future: where North Korea might be by the year 2040

Trends suggest the DPRK will have a sophisticated and reliable nuclear deterrent by 2040. What will be the consequences?

Chad O'Carroll February 18, 2020

"The Two Koreas" and the United States - NKNews Podcast Ep.115

Robert Carlin discusses the third edition of one of the definitive books on Korean history

NK News February 18, 2020

What's next? Where North Korea's missile testing goes from here

Experts weigh in on progress made in 2019 — and how Pyongyang's weapons systems will likely evolve in the coming year

Jeongmin Kim February 17, 2020

North Korea making strides in satellite manufacturing and testing: state media

State outlet Naenara boasts Korea Space Association’s recent space science developments

Colin Zwirko February 14, 2020
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