July 10, 2020

Trade Data

Information related to trade data on North Korea

North Korea spent $30 million on alcohol from China last year, data reveals

Whisky and beer most popular foreign drinks in 2019, figures from China's General Administration of Customs show

Jacob Fromer February 13, 2020

China shipped more than 10,000 tons of oil to North Korea in late 2019: UN

After delay, Beijing reported remainder of its September-December oil export data to UN Security Council

Jacob Fromer February 7, 2020

North Korea spent $25 million on Alaska pollock from China in 2019, data shows

Import of millions of kilograms of fish from China last year came despite a thriving domestic seafood industry

Jacob Fromer February 7, 2020

Chinese grain shipments to North Korea rose in December, data shows

Chinese corn exports to DPRK jumped 362% from November to December

Jacob Fromer February 4, 2020

North Korea in January 2020: a month in review and what’s ahead

NK Pro has conducted an in-depth analytic review of news on the peninsula for the period between January 1 and 31

NK Pro February 3, 2020

China's imports, exports to North Korea grew in 2019: data

Rise in China-DPRK trade comes despite sweeping global sanctions targeting North Korea's economy

Jacob Fromer January 31, 2020

Brazil sent $2 million worth of corn to North Korea in October, November: data

Aid groups describe food insecurity in North Korea, but Kim Jong Un recently spoke of "unprecedented" harvest in 2019

Jacob Fromer January 17, 2020

Russia's reported oil exports to North Korea fall again in November: UN

Monthly total for November was lowest since July 2018, according to new UN data

Jacob Fromer January 16, 2020

Chinese grain exports to North Korea drop again in November: data

An estimated 40 percent of the DPRK population remains in "urgent need" of food assistance, according to the UN

Jacob Fromer December 27, 2019

Indonesia wants to import North Korea’s Taedonggang beer, boost other trade

Plans would add to what Indonesian ambassador said were Pyongyang brewery's $2 million in exports to China

Colin Zwirko December 20, 2019
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