July 02, 2020

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Crude cut-off into fifth month as China ships oil-products to North Korea

Chinese customs data shows spike in oil product deliveries in first five months of 2014

James Byrne | Leo Byrne July 14, 2014

Sanctions increase regional inequality, cross-border trade – report

Adapting to int'l sanctions, N.Korean leadership redistributes resources to urban centers, according to study

Ole Jakob Skåtun May 12, 2014

Data shows Brazilian exports to North Korea soared in 2013

Massive increase occurs as Pyongyang shifts purchasing practices

Leo Byrne April 10, 2014

Sino-North Korean Trade at Record High Despite Beijing Criticism

While China uses its public voice to openly criticize North Korea's nuclear test, behind-the-scenes trade is at a record high.

Luke Herman February 14, 2013
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