September 26, 2020


Information related to shipping in and around the DPRK

North Korean fishing crew attacked Russian border guards, Moscow says

Russia says it has detained two DPRK vessels over the incident which left three FSB guards injured

Leo Byrne September 17, 2019

How a new UN sanctions report reveals the limits of Chinese cooperation

Biegun says Beijing working with the U.S., but images suggest DPRK coal smuggling in Chinese waters

Leo Byrne September 13, 2019

North Korea breaching shipping, trade, and financial sanctions: UN report

The DPRK has also increased the scope of cyber and hacking activities

Leo Byrne September 5, 2019

Satellite imagery shows major construction outside DPRK's West Sea Barrage

Construction began in August 2018 and progressed steadily over the 12 months, though purpose remains unclear

Leo Byrne September 4, 2019

Updated imagery shows abrupt turnaround in trade at North Korean port

The number of containers increased rapidly at the end of August

Leo Byrne September 3, 2019

North Korean-registered ship apparently sailing "stateless"

The DPRK-registered ship was previously sailing under a Cambodian flag

Leo Byrne September 2, 2019

OFAC designates Taiwanese nationals, entities and tanker for DPRK oil exports

Oil tanker was already blacklisted by the UN in October last year

Leo Byrne August 30, 2019

The K Morning: the odd voyages of a suspected DPRK coal smuggler

Satellite imagery potentially captured the vessel loading coal before its most recent journey

Leo Byrne August 29, 2019

North Korean ship leaves Shanghai following position transmission blackouts

DPRK vessel has been loitering in the area for weeks apparently without entering ports

Leo Byrne August 23, 2019

North Korean vessel resurfaces near China with Cambodian flag

Vessel appeared near Chinese coast, though did not appear to visit any ports

Leo Byrne August 21, 2019
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