August 07, 2020


Information related to shipping in and around the DPRK

Cambodia seizes oil tanker tied to North Korea sanctions evasion

"Courageous" alleged to have been involved in ship-to-ship transfers

Oliver Hotham March 2, 2020

Cambodia says it closed North Korean-owned businesses, deported all workers

Phnom Penh’s first UN sanctions implementation report details broad crackdown on DPRK-linked operations in the country

Colin Zwirko February 13, 2020

Sanctioned North Korean tanker caught in ship-to-ship transfer near China: Japan

Chon Ma San began broadcasting location in October, showing at least four trips and lengthy loitering in Korea Strait

Colin Zwirko February 10, 2020

North Korea's Nampho port moves to strengthen coronavirus prevention measures

Open-source data suggests maritime traffic in DPRK waters reduced in recent days

Jeongmin Kim February 7, 2020

Czech gov't foiled North Korean arms smuggling plot, intelligence service says

DPRK diplomat reportedly sought to acquire tank parts and drones, smuggle them through Africa and China

Oliver Hotham January 29, 2020

Sanctioned North Korean tanker seen conducting ship-to-ship transfers: Japan

Nam San 8 was photographed hooked up to small unknown vessel two days in a row in mid-December

Colin Zwirko December 30, 2019

Vietnamese oil tanker which visited N. Korea seized by Malaysian commando unit

Only one crew member found after 5000-tonne vessel seized, others reportedly returned to respective countries

Chad O'Carroll December 12, 2019

North Korea and Russia sign new protocol on cross-border rail transport

Russia’s deputy transport minister in Pyongyang talks pushed for rail container shipments from South Korea to begin

Colin Zwirko November 15, 2019

Suspected sanctions-busting cargo ship sank in October, North Korean media says

Chief Engineer of the Jang Jin Gang lauded as hero for prioritizing rescue of Kim portraits as ship sank

Colin Zwirko November 11, 2019

Wise Honest handed over to U.S. authorities in new judgment of forfeiture: DOJ

Treasury Department ordered by court to dispose of the sanctions-evading ship

Jacob Fromer October 21, 2019
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