June 03, 2020


Information related to shipping in and around the DPRK

North Korean ship seized for sanctions violations leaves American Samoa

Wise Honest has been scrapped, with proceeds going to parents of Otto Warmbier: media

Oliver Hotham October 9, 2019

Progress slow at China’s largest new customs port on its border with North Korea

Sanctions may have slowed project's pace, but scope reflects regions plans for cross-border trade

Colin Zwirko September 30, 2019

N. Koreans accused of assaulting Russian border guards to be held pending trail

DPRK "poachers" have been held by authorities in Nakhodka since September 17

Oliver Hotham September 30, 2019

UN sanctioned ship appears near Myanmar

The vessel appeared to be headed for Yangon, though there are no docking records

Leo Byrne September 27, 2019

Russia detains 262 North Korean sailors for illegal fishing in its waters

Incident is the second of its kind this month

Dagyum Ji September 27, 2019

Russian oil supplies to North Korea fell to yearly lows in July: UN data

Drop is similar to that which occurred last year, indicating a seasonal low

Leo Byrne September 25, 2019

North Korean, Russian diplomats continue talks on alleged poaching incident

Meeting follows reports that one of the detained DPRK fishermen died in Russian custody

Jacob Fromer September 24, 2019

North Korean fishing crew attacked Russian border guards, Moscow says

Russia says it has detained two DPRK vessels over the incident which left three FSB guards injured

Leo Byrne September 17, 2019

How a new UN sanctions report reveals the limits of Chinese cooperation

Biegun says Beijing working with the U.S., but images suggest DPRK coal smuggling in Chinese waters

Leo Byrne September 13, 2019

North Korea breaching shipping, trade, and financial sanctions: UN report

The DPRK has also increased the scope of cyber and hacking activities

Leo Byrne September 5, 2019
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