July 15, 2020


Information related to shipping in and around the DPRK


Despite route log data, North Korean vessel did not visit Australia

DPRK vessel appears to have engaged in spoofing

Chad O'Carroll April 7, 2020

Following coronavirus-related hurdles, NGO ships medical supplies to North Korea

Ignis Community to send $622,317 worth of medical equipment on a cargo ship from Dalian to Nampho

Jeongmin Kim April 7, 2020

After over a year's absence, five North Korean ships appear back in service

Move may be linked to recently-reopened Nampo-Dalian shipping lines, delivery of humanitarian aid

Min Chao Choy April 3, 2020

Suspected North Korean-linked smuggling ship detained in Russian port

Yuko Maru classified as a “High Risk Ship," suspected of having ties to Kasatsugu network

Min Chao Choy March 31, 2020

North Korea appears to have taken control of junk vessel, now largest in fleet

Ship transferred just a month after U.S. seizure of DPRK's "Wise Honest"

Min Chao Choy March 27, 2020

Ten years since Cheonan sinking, Seoul mulls naming new frigate after the ship

South Korean defense minister says ship sank because of "North Korea's ambush provocation"

Jeongmin Kim March 26, 2020

Container traffic returns to North Korea’s Nampho port after coronavirus slump

Quarantine of arriving cargo also apparent in latest satellite imagery

Colin Zwirko March 23, 2020

The coronavirus slowdown at North Korean ports, as seen from above

Satellite imagery reveals relatively empty scenes at Nampho and Sinuiju ports in conjunction with quarantine measures

Colin Zwirko March 13, 2020

U.S. removes North Korea sanctions on Russian oil supplier, citing severed ties

Delisting is U.S. Treasury’s first for secondary North Korea sanctions

Colin Zwirko March 4, 2020

Sanctions breach suspected in large-scale China-North Korea sand dredging: C4ADS

Haeju Bay near inter-Korean border was home to 6-month dredging operation in 2019

Colin Zwirko March 3, 2020
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