June 03, 2020


Information related to sanctions developments


UN sanctions do not affect N. Korea's food, agriculture, trade - Newcomb

Former member of the UN Panel of Experts talks to NK News about N. Korean sanctions and financial measures

Leo Byrne June 17, 2015

Panama court sentences N.Korean sailors

Ruling overturns earlier acquittal, sentences captain, first mate to 12 years

Leo Byrne June 15, 2015

North Korean crew of sanctioned vessel may be repatriated

Delegation in Mexico to arrange repatriation, no humanitarian visas in sight

Hamish Macdonald June 12, 2015

Fur coats and strength pills: North Korea's curious exports

A fur coat company and pills with remarkable benefits featured in DPRK's Foreign Trade Magazine

Leo Byrne June 9, 2015

North-Korea-as-terror-sponsor debate continues with House bill

What a House bill calling North Korea a state sponsor of terror would, and wouldn't, do

Rob York May 22, 2015

Inter-Korean trade hits record high in 2014

Analysis of 15 years of data shows huge declines in DPRK trade with countries outside of China

Leo Byrne April 28, 2015

Why has a North Korean ship been in Mexico for nine months?

Mexico undecided on what to do with sanctioned North Korean vessel, despite UN PoE recommendations

Leo Byrne April 14, 2015

North Korea demands return of ship impounded in Mexico

Mu Du Bong vessel, sanctioned by UN, U.S. Treasury, has been in Mexican port since last July

NK News April 9, 2015

Must the Cheonan wreck torpedo inter-Korean ties?

Truly honoring the dead means not sacrificing Korea’s future to its past

Aidan Foster-Carter March 27, 2015

Just passing through: Sanctioned North Korean vessel uses Japanese port

In releasing the DPRK flagged ship, Japanese authorities may have broken Japanese law and ignored UN sanctions

Leo Byrne March 18, 2015