February 23, 2020


Information related to sanctions developments

State Dept. North Korea grants could entail risk of criminal punishment

State Department call for funding proposals contradicts "do no harm" strategy advocated by UN COI

Data shows Brazilian exports to North Korea soared in 2013

Massive increase occurs as Pyongyang shifts purchasing practices

Leo Byrne April 10, 2014

Why North Korea has strong incentive for another nuclear test

Political and technological reasons might mean another test imminent

Andrei Lankov April 2, 2014

Parts from U.S., UK and SK in North Korean rocket

The UN Panel of Experts' report finds foreign sourced components in the DPRK's Unha-3 rocket

Leo Byrne March 26, 2014

How to do business in North Korea

An inside look at how foreigners conduct business in North Korea

Leslie Jones January 20, 2014

Paddy Power gifts to Kim Jong Un may have breached UN sanctions

Irish bookmaker may have unwittingly broken UN sanctions through gifts to North Korean leader

Chad O'Carroll January 11, 2014

Western ski companies distance themselves from North Korea

In many cases North Korea contacted ski companies directly, only to face rejection

Ole Jakob Skåtun January 10, 2014

Expert: Engagement worth pursuing, but results are small

North Korea seeks engagement while undermining U.S.-Japan-S. Korea alliance, historian says

Ole Jakob Skåtun January 9, 2014

Expert: Time is ripe for engagement

North’s new byungjin line presents opportunities, but also dilemmas for world community

Ole Jakob Skåtun December 10, 2013

Important not to look to North Korea for lessons on Iran

Iran-North Korea comparison misses the key differences between the two countries

Yong Kwon December 6, 2013