April 09, 2020


Information related to the North Korean missile program


Analysis: N. Korean Scud missile launch

Pyongyang attempts to improve capability of older missiles by increasing accuracy

John G. Grisafi July 7, 2014

Analysis: N. Korean tactical guided missile tests

Increasing missile capability a strategic asset and deterrent to undermine enemy advantage

John G. Grisafi July 2, 2014

Strategic considerations for N. Korea’s anti-ship missile

Missile intended as deterrent to elicit caution, not to win a war

John G. Grisafi June 29, 2014

Frigate pictures suggest significant DPRK naval upgrade

Full capabilities remain unknown, but new missiles could present headache for U.S. and allies

Scott LaFoy June 26, 2014

Why North Korea may not have just developed a cruise missile

North Korean media's track record seemingly ignored in 38 North analysis

Chad O'Carroll June 17, 2014

North Korea emphasizes navy units, including submarines

Leadership visits navy and island defense units, shows specific capabilities

John G. Grisafi June 17, 2014

U.S. plans test of ballistic missile interceptor

GMD system key component in America’s overall missile defense strategy

John G. Grisafi June 15, 2014

What’s in a name – and a logo? The problem with North Korea’s new space agency

It's not accidental that NADA's name and logo are uncomfortably similar to NASA’s

Andrea Berger April 4, 2014

Political shuffling continues amid heightened military activity in March

Officials close to Kim, including his sister, continue rising in power and influence in regime

John G. Grisafi April 3, 2014

Parts from U.S., UK and SK in North Korean rocket

The UN Panel of Experts' report finds foreign sourced components in the DPRK's Unha-3 rocket

Leo Byrne March 26, 2014