September 21, 2020


Information related to the North Korean missile program


Kim Jong Un’s emphasis on military peaks in March

Focus on military affairs likely part of attempt to demonstrate credible capability

John G. Grisafi April 10, 2016

No more room for doubt over North Korea's missile program

Recent events a wake-up call for all those who doubted the extend of the regime's advances

Tal Inbar April 8, 2016

North Korea has legitimate right to satellite launches

DPRK think tank reiterates plans, right to continue space development, satellite launches

Kim Chol Min April 5, 2016

North Korea’s solid punch?

N.Korea has yet to use solid fuel on anything bigger than KN-02 – fortunately

Dave Schmerler April 5, 2016

Kim Jong Un attends advanced strategic SAM test

SAM test demonstrates S-300-like air defense capabilities


The shape of North Korean sanctions to come

Exports-for-development-assistance approach may present a way forward

Tristan Webb March 22, 2016

N.Korea sanctions: Can China be trusted?

Beijing holds up its end of the deal for now, but wait for North Korea's May Congress

John Lee March 11, 2016

How not to respond to a North Korean nuclear test

A proper response to Pyongyang's behavior requires coordination between S.Korea, China and the U.S.

Geoffrey Fattig February 26, 2016

North Korea: The country that cried wolf

Shock value from increasing use of threats, provocative acts has worn off

Robert Potter February 23, 2016

North Korea’s potential nuclear delivery systems

What weapons does North Korea have which could potentially deliver a nuclear strike?

John G. Grisafi | Scott LaFoy February 21, 2016
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