July 11, 2020


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North Korean state media goes a month without showing domestic COVID-19 work

Frequent updates in text articles continue but directive likely made in late March to halt use of domestic imagery

Colin Zwirko April 22, 2020

500 people remain under quarantine in North Korea, state media says

DPRK continues to claim no cases of COVID-19, though admits some cadres not taking threat as seriously as they should

Jeongmin Kim April 3, 2020

South Korea approves first coronavirus-related private aid for North Korea

ROK also set to donate $ 5.73 million to help DPRK with typhoon recovery, maternal and child health

Jeongmin Kim April 2, 2020

COVID-19 in North Korea: an overview of the current situation

Pyongyang officially claims no infections within its territory, and has taken strict steps to stave off an outbreak

Chad O'Carroll March 26, 2020

North Korean official purged for "debauchery," defying quarantine: state media

Chonnae county cadre accused of undermining nationwide coronavirus prevention measures by organizing drinking parties

Jeongmin Kim March 23, 2020

North Korean quarantine workers wearing U.S.-brand protective suits: state media

DPRK state media photos show workers wearing what appear to be 3M and DuPont Tyvek hazmat suits

Jeongmin Kim March 19, 2020

COVID-19 prevention equipment to be delivered to North Korea this week: UNICEF

PPE set to be delivered by land through DPRK-China border, while UNICEF seeks additional $540,312 funding

Jeongmin Kim March 17, 2020

Crash Landing on You: the inter-Korean love story touching a chord in the South

The soap opera has proven a smash-hit for South Korean and international audiences. But how accurate is it?

Jeongmin Kim March 16, 2020

North Korea releases an additional 1710 people from quarantine

News comes as DPRK appears increasingly confident that "super-special" measures against COVID-19 are working

Jeongmin Kim March 13, 2020

North Korea risking "huge economic loss" with coronavirus measures: state media

Uriminzokkiri hails ruling party's "super special quarantine measures" against novel coronavirus

Jeongmin Kim March 10, 2020
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