December 13, 2019


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Malicious code found in DPRK-linked media website

Attack script was quickly removed, South Korean security firm said

Chad O'Carroll November 4, 2019

Two Korean mountain jaunts: near but worlds apart

A veteran North Korea watcher recalls two formative hikes he wrote about in the 1980s, on opposite sides of the DMZ

Aidan Foster-Carter October 31, 2019

International Atomic Energy Agency appoints new director general

Rafael Grossi to lead agency amid stalemate in DPRK nuclear negotiations, ten years after IAEA kicked out of North Korea

Jacob Fromer October 29, 2019

North Korea's iconic traffic ladies mostly disappear from Pyongyang streets

Leadership concerned over the wellbeing of traffic officers in winter cold and summer heat, some sources say

Chad O'Carroll October 21, 2019

Historic inter-Korean World Cup qualifier in Pyongyang ends in draw

Final score 0-0 at empty Kim Il Sung Stadium, as North Korean spectators reportedly not allowed to attend

Dagyum Ji | Oliver Hotham October 15, 2019

FIFA President will attend tonight's inter-Korean match in Pyongyang, South says

News comes amid growing confusion about logistics for upcoming World Cup qualifier

Chad O'Carroll October 15, 2019

North Korea restricts foreign access to next week's World Cup qualifier match

Tourists the latest foreign group to be barred from October 15 inter-Korean game

Chad O'Carroll October 11, 2019

Pyongyang authorities block windows of hundreds of high-rise apartments

Buildings in the vicinity of Pyongyang's 'forbidden city' have windows on upper floors blocked

Chad O'Carroll October 4, 2019

Photography banned from Pyongyang's Juche Tower, Koryo Hotel blocks window view

View towards North Korean capital's Forbidden City also now blocked at Koryo Hotel

Chad O'Carroll October 3, 2019

North Korea completes new environmental protection, disaster risk reduction plans

DPRK aims for 16.4 percent annual cut in CO2 emissions by 2030, state media reports

Dagyum Ji September 27, 2019
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