January 21, 2021


Information related to inter-Korean developments

Yeonpyeong Island: What’s All The Fuss About?

Two years on from the bombardment of Yeonpyeong island, controversial military exercises look set to go ahead. What is it that makes these islands and waters so disputed?

NK News November 21, 2012

Korean Coffee Culture: Lost In Communication

Given the major cultural differences between North and South, will Korean unification be a smooth process?

Jae Young Kim November 12, 2012

Why Do People Keep “Re-Defecting” To North Korea?

With another family reported to have voluntarily "re-defected" to North Korea, questions are now being asked as to what is motivating people to return after investing so much in originally leaving.

Luke Herman November 11, 2012

South Korea Military Exercises Send North Korea Into Lock Down

North Korea goes into high alert

Luke Herman October 29, 2012

North Korea Issues Violent Threat To South Korean Activists

North Korea warns residents to evacuate – not for the first time, however

Luke Herman October 19, 2012