July 09, 2020


Information related to inter-Korean developments

What Foreigners Living In South Korea Think Of North Korean Threats

Three foreigners living in South Korea talk about their reaction to North Korean threats

Kyle Hovanec April 8, 2013

Why North Koreans Should Be Allowed Asylum Beyond South Korea – A Response

'If this is the type of governmental discrimination that North Koreans face in South Korea, I may be tempted to sign up for such discrimination'

Markus Bell April 4, 2013

Three Experts Explain Why North Korea Keeps Ratcheting Tensions

Experts look at causes and possible solutions to current tensions on the Korean peninsula

NK News April 4, 2013

Juche 2.0: How North Korea Uses The Web To Promote Its Ideology

Online games, websites and business portals all help define importance of Unification to Koreans at home and abroad

Gianluca Spezza April 2, 2013

Why North Korea Keeps On Raising Peninsula Tensions

6 Reasons why North Korea keeps on escalating the situation

NK News March 30, 2013

Why North Koreans Should Be Allowed Asylum Beyond South Korea

Economic and social discrimination in South Korea provides a rationale for asylum in third countries

Markus Bell March 25, 2013

Perfect Match? North Korean Wives for South Korean men

Is marriage of North Korean women to South Korean men a win-win solution for all?

Sarah A. Son March 13, 2013

How South Koreans Feel About North Korean Threats

Despite the efforts of Kim Jong Un to ramp up fear, it appears South Koreans have become increasingly less emotionally affected by Pyongyang’s provocations.

Steve Chung March 10, 2013

The NK News Study Guide Part 3: Liberation, Division and the Korean War

North Korean Studies Newbie? Want to learn more? Get acquainted with the NK NEWS Study Guides

Gianluca Spezza March 8, 2013

In South Korea, the McCarthyist Zombie Lives

...And that zombie feeds on 'jongpuks', aka progressive politicians labelled as 'pro-North Koreans' by South Korean conservatives

NK News March 4, 2013