September 29, 2020


Information related to North Korean history

Korean-Americans should be part of DPRK family reunions: U.S. House Committee

House Foreign Affairs Committee passes bill saying State Dept, ROK should include Korean-Americans in future reunions

Jacob Fromer October 30, 2019

With the century: the extraordinary life and times of Kim Il Sung

How Korea, and the world, changed alongside the life of the infamous dictator

Fyodor Tertitskiy October 29, 2019

DOD hopes to return to North Korea, resume search for U.S. remains next spring

DPAA making “overtures” to return in 2020 but North Korean Army has yet to agree, spokesperson tells NK News

Jacob Fromer October 29, 2019

How North Korea's devastating famine subverted the rigid "songbun" system

Many were able to use their foreign connections to start illegal, but profitable, cross-border businesses

Andrei Lankov October 27, 2019

DOD has identified remains of 41 soldiers returned from DPRK last year: report

Despite public commitment by Trump and Kim, repatriations of Korean War veterans’ remains have stopped since July 2018

Jacob Fromer October 25, 2019

The seventh congress: a Workers' Party meeting delayed for over three decades

The event, originally planned for 1986, was pushed back, then shelved, and then finally revived and held in 2016

Peter Ward October 23, 2019

The 100th episode bonanza – NKNews Podcast Ep.100

Professor Andrei Lankov, host Jacco Zwetsloot, and the NK News team come together for a special roundtable discussion

NK News October 22, 2019

Surveying "The Red Years": making sense of Bandi

Questions linger about authenticity, but the samizdat poet paints a vivid picture of N. Korean life

Greg Noone September 20, 2019

Award-winning North Korea scholar plagiarized sources, university finds

Charles Armstrong reported to be "no longer teaching" at Columbia

Oliver Hotham September 11, 2019

The legacy of the 1989 World Festival - NKNews Podcast Ep.95

Historian August Myrseth discusses the landmark festival's long-term impact

NK News September 10, 2019
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