August 10, 2020


Information related to North Korean history

North Korean state media’s anti-U.S. propaganda remains coded in new year

Coverage of Sinchon Museum showcasing alleged American atrocities continues without explicit U.S. mention

Colin Zwirko February 5, 2020

Going "home": why 87,000 Zainichi Koreans moved from Japan to North Korea

From 1959 to 1984, thousands of Koreans in Japan were promised a better life in the DPRK, only to be met with suffering

Markus Bell February 5, 2020

Unconverted political prisoners, and inter-Korean romance, in DPRK fiction

Stories based (very) loosely on the real-life repatriations of prisoners from South to North became popular in the 2000s

Tatiana Gabroussenko January 31, 2020

Ask a North Korean: were North Koreans genuinely grieving when Kim Il Sung died?

"It felt like the world was coming to an end"

In-hua Kim January 30, 2020

The Flower of Unification: how a girl from the South became an icon in the North

Lim Su-kyung's 1989 Pyongyang visit shows how close, and yet how far apart, the two Koreas were and remain to this day

James Fretwell January 29, 2020

Keeping the peace at the DMZ - NKNews Podcast Ep.111

Swiss Major General Patrick Gauchat discusses neutral actors on the peninsula and their importance going forward

NK News January 21, 2020

Ask a North Korean: what does the leader's New Year's speech mean to you?

"No North Korean is looking forward to the New Year’s speech"

In-hua Kim | Tae-il Shim January 3, 2020

Best of frenemies: Soviet perceptions of North Korea in the 1970s

Pyongyang showed little gratitude for Soviet assistance, yet Moscow couldn't afford to abandon the relationship

Andrei Lankov December 31, 2019

The revolution that wasn't: is North Korea really a "revolutionary" state?

Despite official claims, early DPRK history was not marked by radical change to the status quo

Benjamin R. Young December 25, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. citizen says he snuck into North Korea, was imprisoned in 2015

American who crossed into the DPRK illegally four years ago tells his story for the first time

Chad O'Carroll | Oliver Hotham December 24, 2019
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