July 04, 2020


Information related to North Korean history

How North Korean media responds to rumors about Kim Jong Un's health

Past cases show DPRK media does not respond to international speculation, but is able to report genuine health issues

Wang Son-taek May 6, 2020

"Kim Il Sung's Children" - NKNews Podcast Ep.127

Filmmaker Young Kim discusses his documentary about North Korean orphans sent to Eastern Europe during the Korean War

NK News May 4, 2020

North Korea in April 2020: a month in review and what’s ahead

An analysis of the main developments between April 1 and April 30

NK Pro May 4, 2020

Ask a North Korean: how severe is bullying in North Korean schools?

"A group of rough students attacked a classmate... he was beaten so badly that they actually killed him."

In-hua Kim May 1, 2020

Collision in Korea: Pyongyang's historic socialism and spandex spectacular

25 years ago, North Korea set a new world record for the largest pro wrestling attendance ever that still stands today

Nick Hall April 29, 2020

Roh Kil Nam, founder of LA-based pro-Pyongyang news service, dies at 76

Roh had run Minjok Tongshin, a controversial pro-DPRK outlet for Korean speakers in the U.S., since 1999

Chad O'Carroll April 28, 2020

How North Korea has used English-language media to drum up international support

While Pyongyang's reporting may seem bizarre to many outsiders, there are some who will read and occasionally echo it

Rob York April 17, 2020

Mad scientists, DPRK-style: geniuses on the North Korean screen

In the Kim Jong Il era, scientists were portrayed as devoted to their work and leader - even at the expense of family

Tatiana Gabroussenko April 8, 2020

Destination Pyongyang: the Yodo hijacking incident, 50 years on

Much remains unknown about this bizarre tale of Cold War intrigue, misguided radicalism, and North Korean opportunism

Andrei Lankov April 7, 2020

North Korea’s 1970s Hallyu: socialist spectaculars in the Third World

Kim Il Sung deployed art troupes as a way to spread his version of socialism and deepen diplomatic ties

Benjamin R. Young April 3, 2020
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