June 03, 2020

Foreign Relations

Information related to the North Korea’s foreign relations

Nigeria deported ten North Koreans ahead of 2019 worker ban deadline: report

Abuja claims sanctions compliance in first implementation report to UN on recent years’ measures

Colin Zwirko May 19, 2020

The feasibility of détente between the U.S. and the DPRK - NKNews Podcast Ep.129

Author John Feffer discusses U.S.-DPRK relations and his and others' experiences traveling to North Korea

NK News May 19, 2020

Russia's reported oil exports to North Korea dip slightly in March: data

Russia's reported refined petroleum shipments to DPRK are contrast to China's record low report for the same month

Jacob Fromer May 18, 2020

North Korea further relaxes restrictions on resident diplomats, embassy says

Foreigners in DPRK now permitted to visit several previously-restricted department stores, MFA tells diplomats

Oliver Hotham May 18, 2020

What's up Pyongyang? North Korea experiments with vlogging to fight "fake news"

A new online series, produced in-country, could represent a bold new style for Pyongyang's propaganda operations

Ask a North Korean: what do North Koreans think about NGOs working in the DPRK?

"I was never able to benefit from any of the food and medicine sent by humanitarian organizations"

In-hua Kim May 15, 2020

Russia sends wheat aid shipment to North Korea, embassy in Pyongyang says

Report of 25,000-ton shipment comes as UN warns of widespread food insecurity in DPRK, U.S. warns of potential famine

Jacob Fromer May 14, 2020

No, you’re the puppet: why North Korea isn’t a Chinese satellite

The ruling Kim family has kept their Beijing benefactors close, but far enough as not to invite unwanted interference

Andrei Lankov | Peter Ward May 14, 2020

Foreign subsidiaries of U.S. banks must enforce North Korea sanctions: Treasury

Treasury Department announcement is requirement of U.S. sanctions law passed late last year

Jacob Fromer May 13, 2020

In aid of Juche: how Cuban anti-submarine helicopters ended up in North Korea

The DPRK attempted to rectify its rudimentary ASW capabilities by dealing with Havana in the early 2000s

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