January 23, 2021

Foreign Relations

Information related to the North Korea’s foreign relations

North Korea’s threatening message to the US is a covert nudge for negotiations

The DPRK said it will continue developing nuclear strike capabilities, but it still left the door open for diplomacy

Jeongmin Kim January 9, 2021

Expert roundup: What North Korea’s Eighth Party Congress says about the future

Analysts weigh in on North Korea’s relationship with Seoul and Washington, plus the DPRK’s economic outlook in 2021

Min Chao Choy January 9, 2021

North Korea calls the US its ‘biggest enemy’ and vows to keep developing nukes

At Eighth Party Congress, Kim Jong Un also vows not to use nuclear weapons unless DPRK sovereignty is threatened

Jeongmin Kim | Kelly Kasulis January 8, 2021

US sets up new cybersecurity bureau to combat threat from North Korea and others

State Department says North Korean, Chinese, Russian and Iranian cyber threat has increased since 2019

David Volodzko January 8, 2021

Kim Jong Un eyes South Korea and other countries on third day of Party Congress

State media says that North Korea will “expand and develop” foreign relations in the future

Jeongmin Kim | Won-Gi Jung January 7, 2021

How Biden’s foreign policy and defense picks could affect North Korea

Biden recently picked Wendy Sherman, Kathleen Hicks, Victoria Nuland and Colin Kahl to join his team

David Volodzko January 7, 2021

Why North Korea paradoxically does and does not want to boost its economy

Many carrots have been dangled in front of the DPRK, but leaders don’t want economic growth to ruin their political sway

Thomas Schäfer January 6, 2021

North Korea and China upgraded nearly all border trade crossings in 2020

In a likely push for trade, Pyongyang and Beijing poured resources into roads and other projects for a post-COVID-19 era

Colin Zwirko January 6, 2021

North Korea shines the spotlight on China during first day of Party Congress

A letter from China’s communist party came hot off the state press, but still nothing from other socialist allies

Colin Zwirko January 6, 2021

Kim Jong Un gives rare speech at first North Korean Party Congress in years

Kim spoke on the country’s “underachieved” economic plan for a massive political event that will take several days

Jeongmin Kim | Kelly Kasulis January 5, 2021
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