August 07, 2020

Foreign Relations

Information related to the North Korea’s foreign relations


How Moon Jae-in's shortlist of successors might shape future North Korea policy

Lee Jae-myung's North-South reconciliation policy would likely be far more aggressive than Lee Nak-yeon's

Jumin Lee July 29, 2020

North Korea places new rules on diplomats following suspected COVID-19 case

Regulations place firm new restrictions on foreign envoys' freedom of movement, public gatherings

Jeongmin Kim July 28, 2020

South Korea wins permission to develop new solid-fuel space rocket

Technology will likely be for civilian use, but development could lead to improved military capabilities

Kelly Kasulis July 28, 2020

Sending Bibles to North Korea - NKNews Podcast Ep.139

Eric Foley discusses the challenges Voice of the Martyrs Korea faces from South Korea's crackdown on balloon launches

NK News July 28, 2020

Kim Jong Un says those who challenge North Korea's nukes will 'pay dearly'

DPRK leader defends ‘permanent’ nuclear war deterrent at Korean War veterans conference

Colin Zwirko July 27, 2020

US congressman pushes for peace deal with North Korea on armistice anniversary

U.S. politicians said that peace is important for disarmament and regional stability

Terrence Matsuo July 27, 2020

North Korea thanks ASEAN for supporting dialogue to achieve peace on peninsula

Remarks come after U.S. side reiterates support for the full denuclearization of Korean peninsula

Chad O'Carroll July 27, 2020

Why North Korea won't admit it started the Korean War, 67 years after armistice

It's the 67th anniversary of the Korean War armistice, but Pyongyang still claims it repelled an invasion from the South

Andrei Lankov July 26, 2020

US to forfeit $2.37 million in frozen funds from North Korea-linked entities

The unnamed companies helped the DPRK launder money via wire transfers using known North Korean entities

Min Chao Choy July 24, 2020

European Union to impose sanctions on North Korean companies due to cyberattacks

EU to impose first-ever cybersanctions on Chinese, Russian and North Korean entities by end of July, say insiders

Min Chao Choy July 22, 2020