June 03, 2020

Foreign Relations

Information related to the North Korea’s foreign relations

Media Watch – May 20th to 27th

Vice Marshal Choe Ryong-hae's visit to China highlighted alongside visiting delegation from Laos PDR

Matthew McGrath June 3, 2013

Dennis Rodman's homage to Kim Il Sung revealed

Previously unseen inscription shows Rodman's homage to DPRK founding leader Kim Il Sung

Justin Rohrlich May 31, 2013

Regime survival is primary goal – Moon Chung-in interview part 2

North Korea's nuclear program, diplomacy and domestic affairs are all driven by one goal - regime survival

Subin Kim May 30, 2013

Does it really make sense to engage North Korea?

Former UK Ambassador to North Korea lays out the case for engagement with North Korea

Chad O'Carroll May 29, 2013

When the first American soldier defected to North Korea

"The people in North Korea are enjoying freedom and happiness inaccessible to the working people of the United States"

Brandon K. Gauthier May 28, 2013

KCNA Central Year Book: America through North Korean eyes

What does North Korea's official Year Book say about the United States?

Back to Six-party talks: The diplomatic soap opera continues

"There is no doubt North Korea’s decision to re-enter the long scorned Six-party talks was related to China"

Andrei Lankov May 27, 2013

'No dissenting views allowed' - Moon Chung-in interview part 1

Westerner observers keep getting it wrong on North Korea - especially those from Washington, D.C.

Subin Kim May 23, 2013

NK Media Watch – May 13th to 19th

Spring trade fair gets top billing, but no major new products revealed

Martyn Williams May 22, 2013

Kenneth Bae will be released, but not for a while

"We should not be surprised that the North Koreans have made it clear that no quick release should be expected."

Andrei Lankov May 20, 2013