January 23, 2021

Foreign Relations

Information related to the North Korea’s foreign relations

Trump leaves office with a shaky North Korea legacy that could haunt Biden

Experts say Trump left a net positive on North Korea, but also a domestic mess that will distract Biden from Pyongyang

Kelly Kasulis January 20, 2021

With Trump gone, Kim Jong Un will realize that he bet on the wrong horse

The North Korean leader spent a lot of time wooing a U.S. president that’s about to be replaced by hardliner Joe Biden

Dennis P. Halpin January 20, 2021

‘Hope alone is not a course of action’: US official gives parting words on DPRK

U.S. Ambassador Harry Harris is set to leave Seoul on Thursday and weighed in on diplomacy and U.S.-ROK military drills

Jeongmin Kim January 19, 2021

Why North Korea is as dangerous as ever to South Korea – NKNews Podcast Ep. 166

South Korean National Assembly member and former DPRK diplomat Thae Yong-ho discusses inter-Korean relations and WMDs

NK News January 19, 2021

Biden is about to be president, and Moon wants him to undo Trump’s mistakes

In a New Year’s press conference, President Moon Jae-in says Kim Jong Un is willing to continue denuclearization talks

Jeongmin Kim January 18, 2021

Recap: Top moments at North Korea’s Eighth Party Congress

The eight-day-long event went over failures of the last five years and clarified social, economic and military plans

Colin Zwirko January 15, 2021

A newly-declassified document underscores Trump’s North Korea failures

The U.S. wanted to convince North Korea that it doesn’t need nukes, but Kim is far from persuaded

James Fretwell January 15, 2021

Statues in Africa traced back to North Korean artists making money for regime 

A new report suggests that two North Korean artists are using a front company to make the DPRK dollars

Min Chao Choy January 15, 2021

It’s not about nukes. The real news is North Korea’s dangerous economic reforms.

North Korea pursued economic reform for the last 10 years, but decisions at the Party Congress will undo that progress

Andrei Lankov January 15, 2021

Biden’s ‘Asia tsar’ appointee adds to a wave of focus on North Korea and China

Kurt Campbell’s next pivot to Asia strategy involves the U.S. bringing its allies together to pressure North Korea

David Volodzko January 14, 2021