June 03, 2020


Information related to the North Korea economic sector


Temporary worker structure removal begins at Wonsan-Kalma beach resort

Removal could be a sign that construction on key North Korean project is winding down ahead of delayed opening

Colin Zwirko May 4, 2020

Kim Jong Un’s waterslide boat under repair in Wonsan ahead of annual outings

Satellite imagery analysis reveals megaship with an Olympic-size pool was used at Kim’s Wonsan villa last summer

Colin Zwirko May 1, 2020

Timeline: from a delayed parliamentary meeting to Kim Jong Un health rumors

NK Pro timeline charts key events from March 31 - April 30

NK Pro May 1, 2020

Why North Korea's economy could see a return to rapid inflation soon

News of plans for a government bond issuance suggests major price instability could be on the horizon

Peter Ward May 1, 2020

The impact of sanctions, coronavirus, and response measures on the DPRK economy

Increased state control over the economy and coinciding external developments could spell trouble for many North Koreans

Jonathan R. Corrado April 30, 2020

Paving begins on highway to connect long-dormant China-North Korea bridge: photo

Imagery also shows New Yalu River Bridge’s likely customs complex growing, more homes demolished and rebuilt

Colin Zwirko April 29, 2020

Sino-DPRK border city of Dandong tentatively relaxes COVID-19 measures

Dandong begins re-opening of service industry amid concerns of “second wave” from neighboring Heilongjiang province

Min Chao Choy April 29, 2020

Singaporean implicated in luxury exports has longtime North Korea connections

Jordan Cheang owned Benata Business Centre and supermarkets, prior interviews show

Chad O'Carroll | Min Chao Choy April 29, 2020

Amid Kim Jong Un health concerns, calm in both Dandong and Pyongyang

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, two trucks spotted crossing from DPRK to PRC at Dandong

Chad O'Carroll April 24, 2020

North Koreans "panic buying" at Pyongyang shops, sources say

Some sources don't connect recent surge in demand to Kim Jong Un health rumors, however

Chad O'Carroll April 22, 2020