January 23, 2021

Defector Issues

Information related to North Korean defector issues

NK Media Watch – June 4 to June 10

The Seventh Korean Children’s Union (KCU) Conference, citizen support for Kim Jong Un’s letter of appeal, and criticism of Laos defector "kidnapping"

Matthew McGrath June 12, 2013

A North Korean goes to Disneyland

"I would not have visited the U.S. and explored so many great places, if my mother had not escaped North Korea"

Park Ji Woo June 7, 2013

Broadway Shows and North Korean Operas

"I think I would rather watch North Korean operas because at least I can understand them"

Park Ji Woo May 30, 2013

Poking fun at tricky issues

When does it become acceptable to make comedy out of sensitive social topics?

Sarah A. Son May 29, 2013

Treat North Korean defectors as individuals, teacher says

Volunteer working with refugees says similarities with South Korean students should be acknowledged

Matthew Clayton May 24, 2013

From racial bias to loving Harlem: A North Korean in New York

"I have to admit that I had a big racial bias before coming to New York City"

Park Ji Woo May 24, 2013

One man’s plea for South Korea’s lost prisoners of war

This South Korean solider spent almost 50 years as a POW in North Korea – and some are still there

Tom Farrell May 23, 2013

North Korean society: Two classes, too little reason to resist

Defector uses freedom to raise awareness of, dispel misconceptions about the North’s people

Dominica Lim May 21, 2013

Do Sang Rok – The father of North Korea’s nuclear weapon program?

Accounts suggest that Pyongyang acquired scientists for developing nuclear program decades before publicly acknowledging it

Bill Streifer May 16, 2013

Why S.Koreans Aren’t Angry About N. Korean Human Rights Abuses

Ex-concentration camp prisoner Shin Dong-Hyuk says South Korea should be put on trial next to North Korean regime for turning a blind eye

Sarah A. Son May 8, 2013
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