September 26, 2020

Defector Issues

Information related to North Korean defector issues

Growing Pains for North Korean Defector Teens

Some integration issues are cultural, others are just a fact of life.

Sarah A. Son February 14, 2013

Top 5 Similarities between North and South Korea

What are the main similarities (and differences) between life in the two Koreas?

Jae Young Kim February 11, 2013

Of Caste and Community: Return and Re-migration of North Koreans

Can North Koreans going to Europe and America be given permanent domicile?

Markus Bell January 24, 2013

Re-Defection to North Korea: Exaggeration or the Beginning of a Trend?

HRNK Experts look at the context behind an increasing trend of "re-defection" to North Korea

NK News January 24, 2013

Spy Games: Defector Arrested For Smuggling Data To North

Espionage attempt undermines trust between South Koreans and North Korean defectors

Sarah A. Son January 22, 2013

People Who Don't Like The Mass Games Are Weird

Did you ever practice for mass dance events like Arirang and what was the training process like?

Jae Young Kim January 21, 2013

How We Survived On The North Korean Farm

Ask a North Korean: What is life like in the North Korean countryside?

Jae Young Kim January 11, 2013

My Winter Holidays In North Korea

Just because it's cold, it doesn't stop us partying, eating, singing and dancing for the DPRK's New Year celebrations.

Jae Young Kim January 1, 2013

From Middle-Kingdom to Middle-Classdom: North Korean Defectors in London

After China, the UK is home to one of the largest populations of North Korean defectors in the world. Tom Farrell reports from outside the North Korean embassy in London where defectors often protest Kim Jong Un's regime

Tom Farrell December 18, 2012

Even the Dogs in China Had More Food Than Us

What rumors did you hear about the "outside world" that turned out to be true or false when you lived in North Korea? Are there any things you miss about your life there?

Jae Young Kim December 17, 2012