August 10, 2020

Defector Issues

Information related to North Korean defector issues

Only 12 North Korean defectors reached the South between April and June: MOU

Figures are the lowest since records began in 2003, likely linked to COVID-19 border closures

Jeongmin Kim July 1, 2020

Leaflets, schmeaflets: Pyongyang's bogus pretext for escalating tensions

North Korea's purported motive for recent provocations doesn't stand up to scrutiny

Aidan Foster-Carter June 26, 2020

Defector group likely failed to send leaflets into North Korea, South says

FFNK also may have spread false information about the number of balloons they have used, and items they carried: MOU

Jeongmin Kim June 23, 2020

Ask a North Korean: do you support leaflet launches into North Korea?

"In my personal opinion, these leaflet launches into North Korea should be encouraged and widely carried out"

Tae-il Shim June 23, 2020

Activists say they launched thousands of anti-regime leaflets into North Korea

Fighters for a Free North Korea said they defied a ban from Seoul and will continue the "struggle for justice"

Jeongmin Kim June 22, 2020

"Traitors" and "dogs": a brief history of North Korean leaflets in the South

North Korea has been sending anti-South leaflets over the border for years, and plans to send millions more very soon

Kelly Kasulis June 22, 2020

North Korea set to send millions of leaflets into the South, state media says

Flyers set to be carried by 3000 balloons, be scattered "deep inside South Korea": KCNA

Jeongmin Kim June 21, 2020

Drop plans for anti-South leafleting campaign, Seoul urges North Korea

Ministry of Unification condemns Pyongyang's plans to send “leaflet bombs of justice” across the inter-Korean border

Jeongmin Kim | Oliver Hotham June 20, 2020

North Koreans ready to rain "leaflet bombs" down on South Korea: state media

Pyongyang promises to "terrorize" South Koreans with upcoming propaganda campaign

Jeongmin Kim June 19, 2020

Why this NGO will continue sending balloons and bibles into North Korea

The business of peace is far too important to be left to politicians, writes Pastor Eric Foley

Eric Foley June 18, 2020
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