July 09, 2020


Information related to cyber activities relating to the DPRK

How to hack into North Korean state media

Meet the New Zealand bedroom programmer squeezing North Korean state media for more juice

Chad O'Carroll July 15, 2013

Anonymous groups attack North, South Korean websites

'Anonymous' possibly behind attacks on both North and South Korean websites on war anniversary

James Pearson June 25, 2013

Hacking group attacks South Korean govt. websites - live blog

Blue House, broadcasters websites – all down, Anonymous claims they have been 'framed'

James Pearson June 25, 2013

Anonymous claims secret North Korean military documents

Group claims to have set up 'Ninja Gateway' giving North Koreans global internet access

James Pearson June 20, 2013

North Korea responds to 'Anonymous' hacking incident

Cartoon suggests that South Korean government involved in Anonymous Korea attacks

Yeseul Loaiza May 6, 2013

Hacker publishes hit list of North Korean websites

Hacking list said to relate to a coordinated attack that hackers appear to be planning for June 25

Martyn Williams May 6, 2013

Understanding Why NK NEWS Was Attacked Last Week

NK NEWS speaks to server administrator Tomasz Chmielewski to find out why and how website was hacked last week

Chad O'Carroll April 16, 2013

North Korea's State News Website Taken Offline

North Korean news website outage could be latest indication of inter-Korean cyber war

NK News March 27, 2013

Mobile Phones Could Be Next Cyber Attack Target

Other IP addresses behind last Wednesday's attack traced to Europe, U.S., South Korean police say

NK News March 25, 2013

South Korea was Source of Wednesday's Cyber Attack

Meanwhile, NK state media claims "only a matter of time" before second Korean War

NK News March 22, 2013