February 23, 2020


Information related to the North Korean culture and culture in North Korea

Work It Out, Pyongyang Style!

1970s Postcards Reveal How North Korea Wanted To Promote Its Biggest Gymnasium To Foreigners Around The World

NK News December 14, 2012

Looking Pretty In North Korea

Where do North Korean Girls Get Their Fashion and Beauty Inspiration From? How Does It Differ From South Korea?

Jae Young Kim December 10, 2012

Pack Your Bags, We're Going to The Socialist Paradise!

Archive photos reveal how tourist authorities promoted North Korea as a holiday destination to friendly nations within the communist bloc

NK News December 7, 2012

The NK News Study Guide to North Korea

Part 1: Introduction

Gianluca Spezza December 3, 2012

Mobile Phones in North Korea: Understanding The Boom

Mobile phones in North Korea aren't just for the 'elites'. From business people to family homes in the provinces, more and more people are slowly gaining access to cellular communication.

Chad O'Carroll November 16, 2012

Get Ready For A Military First Mothers Day

In preparation for mothers day, North Korea presents army with new "lady tiger" multiple-launch rocket systems

Luke Herman November 13, 2012

Korean Coffee Culture: Lost In Communication

Given the major cultural differences between North and South, will Korean unification be a smooth process?

Jae Young Kim November 12, 2012