September 26, 2020


Information related to companies trading in and out of North Korea


Expanding Japan-linked mall, online shop in Pyongyang targets "modern tastes"

A closer look at the Rim Mi Yong Aeguk Joint Venture Company and their flagship store in North Korea's capital

Colin Zwirko February 18, 2020

Cambodia says it closed North Korean-owned businesses, deported all workers

Phnom Penh’s first UN sanctions implementation report details broad crackdown on DPRK-linked operations in the country

Colin Zwirko February 13, 2020

Former South Korean officials say Kaesong should reopen despite U.S. opposition

Moon administration is criticized for "being too conscious of the U.S." regarding resumption of the inter-Korean complex

Jeongmin Kim February 11, 2020

Sanctioned North Korean tanker caught in ship-to-ship transfer near China: Japan

Chon Ma San began broadcasting location in October, showing at least four trips and lengthy loitering in Korea Strait

Colin Zwirko February 10, 2020

North Korea gas prices increase sharply amid coronavirus measures: data

Daily NK data shows sharp increase, while NK Pro data remains mostly static

Chad O'Carroll February 7, 2020

Not-for-profit was targeted in U.S. sanctions investigation, sparking NGO fears

"Funds meant for humanitarian support were instead spent on lawyers"

Chad O'Carroll February 5, 2020

North Korean factories taking "emergency" steps to increase face mask production

DPRK also using "our style" disinfectant to fight coronavirus spread, state media claims

Jeongmin Kim February 4, 2020

New North Korean smartphones using AI, facial recognition technology: DPRK Today

Latest "Jindallae"-brand models popular thanks to their "unique appearance, function, and convenience," state media says

Jeongmin Kim February 4, 2020

North Korea's KCTV added to fourth satellite broadcasting service

Development could make KCTV easier to watch in South Korea

Chad O'Carroll January 29, 2020

North Korean managers and workers mostly leave Dandong businesses, photos show

Photos, reports collected by NK Pro shows that most businesses have shut-down, though some workers allegedly remain

Chad O'Carroll January 27, 2020
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