October 24, 2020


Information related to companies trading in and out of North Korea

US accuses two HK firms of selling $300M+ of American tech to North Korea

Couple used front companies to acquire millions of dollars worth of U.S. telecommunications equipment for North Korea

Min Chao Choy September 12, 2020

Russian fuel giants source of oil worth millions to the DPRK in 2018-19: report

At least 200 shipments to North Korea totalling $26 million tied to Gazprom and Rosneft

Min Chao Choy September 11, 2020

From planes to stallions: North Korea’s Air Koryo breaks into the horse business

The DPRK’s national airline is building new equestrian facilities at a giant resort, but who’s the target customer?

Colin Zwirko September 9, 2020

How a small Chinese city exploded into a major port for North Korean trade

150 companies in Dandong were behind around 25% of Chinese exports to North Korea in 2016 — roughly $750 million

Min Chao Choy September 4, 2020

North Korean statues are showing up in Africa — and they could be illegal

One French-speaking DPRK businessman hopped across countries and brokered potentially-sanctioned statue deals

Min Chao Choy September 4, 2020

Red wine and champagne, anyone? North Korea touts its domestically-made booze

Growing North Korean interest in domestically made wines could be linked to sanctions hurdles to foreign imports

Chad O'Carroll September 4, 2020

US sounds the alarm on North Korea’s missile development wishlist

Advisory lists top industries and items North Korea may be seeking from abroad, warning global industry over sanctions

Colin Zwirko September 2, 2020

Company pleads guilty to helping North Korea illegally use US banking system

The British Virgin Islands-registered Yang Ban Corporation will pay over $673,000 in financial penalties

Min Chao Choy September 1, 2020

South Korean minister vows to resume Mount Kumgang tourism ‘as soon as possible'

Unification minister Lee In-young wants to revamp tourism projects, but it won’t be easy amid tensions with Pyongyang

Jeongmin Kim August 28, 2020

ROK suspends plans to ease restrictions on civilian contacts between two Koreas

MOU submits final draft for the revision of 30-year-old law on inter-Korean exchanges

Jeongmin Kim August 27, 2020
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