May 28, 2023

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North Korea slams US-ROK-Japan radar link plan as step toward nuclear ‘alliance'

Condemnation comes as Seoul delivers mixed messages about Tokyo’s involvement in nuclear coordination group with US

US-ROK forces roll out big guns for ‘annihilation’ drills to counter North Korea

Over 2,500 personnel and 600 assets feature in first day of ‘largest-ever’ joint live-fire drills by inter-Korean border

ROK forces conduct drills against North Korean drones in and around Seoul

Exercises come as military has sought to boost defenses after DPRK drone incursion near presidential office last year

South Korea holds nationwide evacuation drills in case of North Korean attack

School and offices join first such defense drills in six years, as Seoul looks to improve civic response capabilities

ROK tech for defending against North Korea lags years behind US, report finds

Defense ministry says missile defenses and precision strike assets not yet at same level in wide-ranging assessment