September 25, 2020


Uzi Rubin

Rubin is a pre-eminent Israeli expert on missile defense. He was the founder and director of the Arrow defense program against long-range missiles in the Israeli Ministry of Defense.


Take to the skies: where North Korea’s space program goes from here

If all goes well, we may expect a DPRK spy satellite in low earth orbit within the next decade

Uzi Rubin March 15, 2018

Kim’s shock and awe: analyzing North Korea’s monster missile

The appearance of completely new design suggests parallel running missile development programs

Uzi Rubin December 11, 2017

Upping the ante: the Hwasong-12 goes flying over Hokkaido

The September 15 flight was a watershed event

Uzi Rubin September 22, 2017

The Hwasong-14: “Not quite” an ICBM?

Western analysts underestimate North Korea's missile range at their peril

Uzi Rubin August 28, 2017

Did the Hwasong-14 really breakup upon re-entry?

Reports of an RV failure are hard to substantiate

Tal Inbar| Uzi Rubin August 7, 2017

North Korea’s July 4 ICBM test: Propaganda ploy or the real deal?

It would be more prudent, and more realistic, to treat the DPRK's claims as advertised

Uzi Rubin July 19, 2017

North Korea’s missile program: How far it has come, how far it needs to go

The DPRK has chalked up remarkable successes in acquiring a missile production infrastructure

Uzi Rubin May 29, 2017

Remarkable achievements: North Korean missile programs are far from bluff

Within less than one year, the North Koreans have advertised the testing of almost every kind of advanced rocketry

Uzi Rubin August 11, 2016