September 25, 2020


Tal Inbar

Tal Inbar is head of the Space and UAV Research Center at Israel’s Fisher Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies. He has followed North Korea’s space and missile programs for many years, along with its international proliferation network and its military cooperation with Iran.


The ballistic axis lives on: Tehran and Pyongyang’s missile cooperation

Similarities between the new Khorramshahr and the Hwasong-10 show collaboration on rockets continues

Tal Inbar October 2, 2017

Did the Hwasong-14 really breakup upon re-entry?

Reports of an RV failure are hard to substantiate

Tal Inbar| Uzi Rubin August 7, 2017

How close is North Korea to fitting a warhead on a missile?

North Korea's ICBM, analysis suggests, could be fitted with a nuke today

Tal Inbar July 31, 2017

North Korea’s Hwasong-14: Where did it come from, and what will they test next?

Pyongyang will likely soon start testing new ICBMs, with even greater ranges

Tal Inbar July 6, 2017

Why the Hwasong-12 test is such an important step forward for North Korea

In an unprecedented move, the DPRK made a successful flight of the missile just a month after unveiling it

Tal Inbar May 19, 2017

A North Korean anti-ship ballistic missile? Not quite yet

North Korea's new KN-17 was on show earlier in the month

Tal Inbar May 4, 2017

North Korea’s ICBM arsenal: How advanced is it, and should we be worried?

Kim Jong Un has shown us the instruments. Now he must show that they can work.

Tal Inbar April 24, 2017

The Day of the Sun, the day of the missiles

The April 15 military parade showcased new ICBM technology

Tal Inbar April 15, 2017

The Syria strike lesson for Kim Jong Un: more missiles

Washington's military options with North Korea are more limited than those with Syria

Tal Inbar April 12, 2017

North Korea’s Pukguksong-2 launch: What did we learn?

The DPRK is on a fast track towards a true ICBM capability

Tal Inbar February 13, 2017