April 09, 2020


Jacob Fromer

Jacob Fromer is NK News‘s Washington DC correspondent. He previously worked in the U.S. Senate.


Russia’s reported oil exports to North Korea drop in January: data

Refined petroleum exports to DPRK from Russia down more than 65 percent compared to same month last year

Jacob Fromer April 8, 2020

China’s flour exports to North Korea remain high in January and February: data

More than 37,000 tons of reported flour exports were among the highest for any two-month period in last three years

Jacob Fromer April 3, 2020

China’s grain exports to North Korea plummet by 90% in January and February

Reported drop in exports consistent with previous years during Lunar New Year, but may be exacerbated by coronavirus

Jacob Fromer March 25, 2020

Russia shipped 600 tons of flour to North Korea in January: data

Vast majority of flour exports to DPRK last year came from China, according to customs data from Moscow and Beijing

Jacob Fromer March 6, 2020

Russia’s reported oil exports to North Korea rise in December: UN

More than 33,000 tons of refined petroleum reportedly exported to the DPRK in 2019, according to new UN data

Jacob Fromer February 20, 2020

China shipped more than 10,000 tons of oil to North Korea in late 2019: UN

After delay, Beijing reported remainder of its September-December oil export data to UN Security Council

Jacob Fromer February 7, 2020

Chinese grain shipments to North Korea rose in December, data shows

Chinese corn exports to DPRK jumped 362% from November to December

Jacob Fromer February 4, 2020

China’s imports, exports to North Korea grew in 2019: data

Rise in China-DPRK trade comes despite sweeping global sanctions targeting North Korea's economy

Jacob Fromer January 31, 2020

In final months before UN worker ban, thousands of North Koreans went to Russia

New data published as Moscow admits it has not yet fully complied with UN rules on overseas DPRK laborers

Jacob Fromer January 24, 2020

Brazil sent $2 million worth of corn to North Korea in October, November: data

Aid groups describe food insecurity in North Korea, but Kim Jong Un recently spoke of "unprecedented" harvest in 2019

Jacob Fromer January 17, 2020