January 28, 2020


Jacob Fromer

Jacob Fromer is NK News‘s Washington DC correspondent. He previously worked in the U.S. Senate.


In final months before UN worker ban, thousands of North Koreans went to Russia

New data published as Moscow admits it has not yet fully complied with UN rules on overseas DPRK laborers

Jacob Fromer January 24, 2020

Brazil sent $2 million worth of corn to North Korea in October, November: data

Aid groups describe food insecurity in North Korea, but Kim Jong Un recently spoke of "unprecedented" harvest in 2019

Jacob Fromer January 17, 2020

Russia’s reported oil exports to North Korea fall again in November: UN

Monthly total for November was lowest since July 2018, according to new UN data

Jacob Fromer January 16, 2020

UN approves sanctions exemptions for MSF, Swiss Humanitarian Aid in North Korea

Médecins Sans Frontières and Swiss Humanitarian Aid are first aid groups to receive UN sanctions exemptions in new year

Jacob Fromer January 10, 2020

Chinese grain exports to North Korea drop again in November: data

An estimated 40 percent of the DPRK population remains in "urgent need" of food assistance, according to the UN

Jacob Fromer December 27, 2019

Russian oil exports to North Korea drop again in October: UN

Russia shipped more than 30,000 tons of refined petroleum to the DPRK between January and October 2019, new UN data show

Jacob Fromer December 18, 2019

UN awards another sanctions exemption to UNICEF for work in North Korea

Aid group plans to use equipment for vaccinations, maternity care, water sanitation projects in DPRK

Jacob Fromer December 16, 2019

Photos of Air China refueling in Pyongyang raise questions about supply-lines

Despite sanctions and short route distance, Air China’s 737s regularly connect to Air Koryo fuel trucks

Chad O'Carroll| Jacob Fromer December 16, 2019

Chinese grain exports to North Korea drop by half in October: data

DPRK's grain imports from China still higher than any point between spring 2018 and summer of this year

Jacob Fromer December 13, 2019

As UN worker ban looms, Russian tourism and student visas for North Koreans soar

Interior ministry data could reflect attempts to circumvent new sanctions, analysts say

Jacob Fromer December 12, 2019