October 02, 2023


David Von Hippel

David Von Hippel

Dr. David Von Hippel is a Nautilus Institute Senior Associate based in Eugene, Oregon. His work with Nautilus has centered on energy and environmental issues in Asia, and particularly in Northeast Asia.


Going green? N. Korea’s implementation of global climate change agreements

A document, released last year, offers rare insights into the DPRK's environmental policy and energy sectors


How Chinese traders could work around coal sanctions

As sanctions bite, Chinese business will have plenty of means to keep buying North Korean coal

David Von HippelDavid Von Hippel | Peter HayesFebruary 14, 2017

Bright idea? Engaging North Korea through energy

Offering to assist the DPRK with energy infrastructure could bring it to the negotiating table

David Von HippelDavid Von HippelOctober 11, 2016