February 08, 2023


Daniel Wertz

Daniel Wertz is Program Manager at the National Committee on North Korea.


How differing U.S.-ROK views on sanctions impact potential inter-Korean tourism

While tourism isn't technically prohibited, strict U.S. interpretation of sanctions may hinder trips to the North

Daniel WertzDaniel WertzJanuary 23, 2020

The 2020 National Defense Authorization Act: what it means for North Korea

From new sanctions to restrictions on U.S. troop withdrawals, new legislation stands to have significant impact

Daniel WertzDaniel WertzDecember 13, 2019

What is, and what isn’t, stopping South Korea from resuming tourism to the North

While UN sanctions likely limit larger-scale cooperation, some lower-level initiatives could go ahead

Daniel WertzDaniel WertzJune 5, 2019

How the U.S. can turn maximum pressure into maximum leverage

A denuke-first approach is a nonstarter: incremental sanctions relief may be the only way forward

Daniel WertzDaniel WertzApril 17, 2019

Making a deal with North Korea: what role for the U.S. Congress?

Whether a planned summit succeeds or fails, lawmakers in DC will have a crucial role to play

Daniel WertzDaniel WertzMay 29, 2018