April 09, 2020


Christopher Green

Christopher Green is a lecturer at the Universiteit Leiden in the Netherlands and one of the senior editors of Sino-NK, a digital periodical dealing with Northeast Asian affairs. He formerly worked as Senior Adviser, Korean peninsula at the International Crisis Group (ICG).


What plans for a new Pyongyang hospital say about class politics in North Korea

The hospital's central, symbolic location could reflect growing demand for better medical facilities

Christopher Green March 25, 2020

Making sense of North Korea’s pullout from the Kaesong Liaison Office

While move appears calibrated, odds of it improving U.S.-DPRK diplomacy remain low, for now

Christopher Green March 24, 2019

Why North Korean defectors choose to leave

To really harness the possibilities of defector-based research, we must understand the reasons they come South

Christopher Green April 27, 2017

Publishing trends in North Korea research

What’s behind the rise in publications?

Christopher Green April 12, 2017

Rumblings at the top: Kim Won Hong’s fall from grace

The recent demotion of North Korea's spy chief speaks to the country's Machiavellian political structure

Christopher Green February 16, 2017

Open for business? Inter-Korean economic projects under “Sunshine 2.0”

A change of government in Seoul could lead to a renewal of Inter-Korean economic projects

Christopher Green January 23, 2017

South Korea’s leadership crisis: Three potential outcomes for inter-Korean relations

Inter-Korean relations likely to remain frozen through 2017, limited options for progressive administration

Christopher Green November 18, 2016

From hero to zero: North Korea’s failure in Yanbian

Economic decline, Southern culture explain North's gradual loss of appeal to provincial residents of Korean origin