July 10, 2020


Christopher Green

Christopher Green is a lecturer at the Universiteit Leiden in the Netherlands and one of the senior editors of Sino-NK, a digital periodical dealing with Northeast Asian affairs. He formerly worked as Senior Adviser, Korean peninsula at the International Crisis Group (ICG) and as Manager of International Affairs at the Daily NK.


How Moon’s diplomatic and security reshuffle may impact North Korea

More than a reshuffle in Seoul is likely needed for substantive progress

Christopher Green July 5, 2020

Volte-face: What explains Kim Jong Un’s sudden change of heart?

North Korea seems to be adopting a wait-and-see stance towards the South

Christopher Green June 24, 2020

Up in smoke: where relations between the two Koreas can go from here

Seoul cannot and will not take the kind of steps that would be sufficient to satisfy Pyongyang

Christopher Green June 17, 2020

What to make of Seoul’s rapid response to Kim Yo Jong’s leaflet-halt request

Rapid response could indicate other inter-Korean activities are on the horizon

Christopher Green June 4, 2020

Schrödinger’s sanctions: South Korea plays down the May 24th Measures

Shelving ineffective unilateral sanctions makes sense, but the move is unlikely to jump-start inter-Korean cooperation

Christopher Green May 29, 2020

The comeback Kim: lessons from the North Korean leader’s three-week absence

DPRK watchers must see the recent storm of speculation as an opportunity to learn where proper expertise really resides

Christopher Green May 3, 2020

South Korean legislative elections: potential impacts on inter-Korean relations

The ruling party's sweeping victory this week stands to have little impact on relations with the North

Christopher Green April 16, 2020

What plans for a new Pyongyang hospital say about class politics in North Korea

The hospital's central, symbolic location could reflect growing demand for better medical facilities

Christopher Green March 25, 2020

Making sense of North Korea’s pullout from the Kaesong Liaison Office

While move appears calibrated, odds of it improving U.S.-DPRK diplomacy remain low, for now

Christopher Green March 24, 2019

Why North Korean defectors choose to leave

To really harness the possibilities of defector-based research, we must understand the reasons they come South

Christopher Green April 27, 2017