January 26, 2021


Christopher Green

Christopher Green is a lecturer at the Universiteit Leiden in the Netherlands and one of the senior editors of Sino-NK, a digital periodical dealing with Northeast Asian affairs. He formerly worked as Senior Adviser, Korean peninsula at the International Crisis Group (ICG) and as Manager of International Affairs at the Daily NK.


A new law will dramatically change ROK intelligence — mostly for the better

Earlier this week, Seoul voted to transfer North Korea-related espionage investigations to the National Police Agency

Christopher Green December 17, 2020

Blessing in disguise? Kim Jong Un is using COVID-19 to bolster his control

North Korea's virus prevention measures have given Pyongyang the pretext to clamp down on private market trade

Christopher Green December 15, 2020

Kim Jong Un’s soft, apologetic Oct. 10 speech also hints at rising friction

Pyongyang didn’t cross anybody’s red lines this weekend, but it still sent a clear military message to the U.S.

Christopher Green October 12, 2020

North Korea’s Oct. 10 military parade will be more pomp than provocation

Pyongyang's "October surprise" may instead come early next year to test the winner of the 2020 U.S. election

Christopher Green October 1, 2020

Why Kim Jong Un’s letters probably don’t mean a shift in South Korea policy

Letters and apology will be welcomed by Seoul, but prospects for big changes in inter-Korean relations remain low

Christopher Green September 26, 2020

How Kim’s call for typhoon help exploits cheap labor and builds political unity

The North Korean leader's call will reveal who is truly loyal to the regime while also providing cheap workers

Christopher Green September 11, 2020

Bad omen: How storms, COVID-19 and the US vote will impact inter-Korea relations

Damaging typhoons and the U.S. elections may be an opportunity for Pyongyang and Seoul to connect — or to drift apart

Christopher Green August 27, 2020

Why heavy rain and border water pose a chronic political risk for South Korea

North Korean dams have the power to release rainwater during monsoons, which can cause significant hurt to the South

Christopher Green August 11, 2020

How Moon’s diplomatic and security reshuffle may impact North Korea

More than a reshuffle in Seoul is likely needed for substantive progress

Christopher Green July 5, 2020

Volte-face: What explains Kim Jong Un’s sudden change of heart?

North Korea seems to be adopting a wait-and-see stance towards the South

Christopher Green June 24, 2020
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