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    Russia traded sanctioned commodities with North Korea in July: ITC
    20:58 11 October, 2018   Leo Byrne

    Russia's reported exports to North Korea in July show shipments of several sanctioned types of goods, including machinery and vehicles.Trade numbers compiled by the ITC trade map from Russia's own national statistics show the sanctioned exports were worth aro...

    North Korean oil tanker leaves Vladivostok following brief detention

    A North Korean oil tanker previously seized on safety grounds recently left Vlad...

    01:19 11 October, 2018  Leo Byrne
    Russian oil deliveries to North Korea dwindled in July: UN

    Russian shipments of oil products to North Korea fell in July to just a third of...

    01:30 09 October, 2018  Leo Byrne
    Chinese oil product exports to North Korea increase in August: UN data

    Chinese oil product exports to North Korea in August rose to their highest level...

    18:12 05 October, 2018  Leo Byrne
    Rapid progress at Samjiyon construction project since summer, imagery reveals

    Progress at Samjiyon, the site one of North Korea’s largest and most political...

    06:48 05 October, 2018  Colin Zwirko
    Image shows Chinese oil tanker truck at North Korean border crossing

    An August 2018-dated photograph obtained by NK Pro shows a relatively large oil ...

    04:45 04 October, 2018  Leo Byrne
    Russia detains North Korean tanker on safety grounds

    Russian port authorities have detained a North Korean oil tanker for failing a s...

    21:30 28 September, 2018  Leo Byrne
    In Pyongyang, KKG constructing riverside "entertainment complex"

    North Korean conglomerate the Korea Kumgang Group (KKG) is building an "entertai...

    11:04 28 September, 2018  Chad O'Carroll
    North Korea claims to be recycling oil at facility in Nampho

    North Korea media recently claimed the country was recycling waste oil, a compli...

    06:39 21 September, 2018  Leo Byrne

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