October 21, 2019

Category: News

U.S.-sanctioned ship arrives in port near Chinese coal power plant

The vessel stopped signaling location after its arrival in the area

Leo Byrne October 17, 2019

Imagery reveals near-constant activity at North Korean coal terminal in October

Planet imagery taken almost every day shows regular traffic despite sanctions

Leo Byrne October 16, 2019

UN-sanctioned oil tanker with ties to North Korea appears near Chinese coast

Tanker has been involved in both ship to ship transfers and direct deliveries to the DPRK

Leo Byrne October 15, 2019

Apartment blocks being demolished near Pyongyang’s Ryugyong Hotel, imagery shows

Bulldozing of older buildings appears to be emerging trend in North Korean capital’s center

Colin Zwirko October 14, 2019

Russian refined oil exports to North Korea bounce back in August: data

Shipments follow a similar trend to last year, numbers provided to the 1718 Committee show

Leo Byrne October 11, 2019

North Korean ship sails with Kiribati flag, loiters near Shanghai

The case is the latest in a series of unusual DPRK vessel broadcasts and voyages

Leo Byrne October 10, 2019

North Korea imports sanctioned items valued at over $300,000 from Russia in July

The shipments included electrical and industrial items covered by designated trade codes

Leo Byrne October 10, 2019

Work continues on DPRK side to connect long-stalled cross-border bridge with China

Following demolition of homes in road’s path, clearing continues toward DPRK highway

Colin Zwirko October 8, 2019

UN sanctioned ship appears near Myanmar

The vessel appeared to be headed for Yangon, though there are no docking records

Leo Byrne September 27, 2019

Homes demolished in path of long-stalled Sino-DPRK “bridge to nowhere”: imagery

New Yalu River Bridge, completed in 2013, may finally be connected to North Korean roads

Colin Zwirko September 26, 2019
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