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    Petrol price dips in North Korea, availability improves: sources
    02:12 20 April, 2018   Chad O'Carroll

    The price foreign residents pay for petroleum in Pyongyang dropped for the first time since October last year, new data at the NK Pro energy price index showed on Thursday.A liter of petroleum in the North Korean capital now costs 1.26 euros, a drop of nearly...

    N. Korean flagged vessels targeted by OFAC change companies, names

    Several North Korean vessels under U.S. Treasury Department sanctions have chang...

    01:39 20 April, 2018  Leo Byrne
    Wonsan Kalma Street project continues to stall, photos and satellite imagery shows

    A 2015-era plan to construct over 30 new buildings on Wonsan's Kalma Street appe...

    09:39 19 April, 2018  Chad O'Carroll
    China continues to import sanctioned iron alloys from North Korea: data

    North Korea continued to export a type of iron to China in February, despite UN ...

    02:21 19 April, 2018  Leo Byrne
    North Korean cereal imports zero in February: KITA

    North Korean imports of cereals - a trade category which includes rice - dropped...

    22:10 13 April, 2018  Leo Byrne
    N. Korea's Rason international trade fair moving to new venue for 2018: source

    North Korea's August Rason international trade fair is reportedly moving to a ne...

    08:06 13 April, 2018  Chad O'Carroll
    Dozens of Volkswagen-style electric cars on sale in northeast DPRK

    A fleet of Chinese-made electric-powered Weikerui V7 cars, which look almost ide...

    10:44 12 April, 2018  Tia Han
    Vessels docking next to coal mountains at N. Korea's Rajin harbor: pictures

    Vessels are docking adjacent to large mountains of coal that have accumulated in...

    22:22 09 April, 2018  Chad O'Carroll
    China, Russia confirm North Korea oil exports to UN

    China and Russia have both confirmed to the UN that they have delivered oil prod...

    22:54 06 April, 2018  Leo Byrne

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