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    North Korean ship returns to Longkou coal, iron handling port
    07:01 14 June, 2018   Leo Byrne

    A North Korean vessel returned to China on Wednesday, calling in at a port which almost certainly handles prohibited commodities like iron and coal, satellite imagery and ship location information from the NK Pro ship tracker show.The visit is the second time...

    U.S. defense stocks drop on Trump's military drills announcement

    U.S. defense stocks dropped on Tuesday following President Donald Trump's surpr...

    06:49 13 June, 2018  Leo Byrne
    As summit looms, North Korea's smugglers sail past Singapore

    One of North Korea's coal smugglers identified by the UN Panel of Experts (PoE) ...

    17:26 11 June, 2018  Leo Byrne
    Turkey, South Africa report fuel shipments to North Korea

    South Africa and Turkey both reported shipping petroleum products to North Korea...

    08:17 06 June, 2018  Leo Byrne
    N. Korean ship returns to Chinese coal port for second time in six days

    A North Korean freighter which last week visited a Chinese coal handling termina...

    10:15 05 June, 2018  Leo Byrne
    North Korean solar imports fall to zero for first time in eight years

    North Korean imports of Chinese-made solar panels fell to zero in March, China‚Ä...

    04:28 04 June, 2018  Leo Byrne
    Second set of North Korean ships arrive in Chinese bulk port

    Two North Korean-flagged ships recently called in at a Chinese port capable of p...

    00:01 01 June, 2018  Leo Byrne
    Hotel construction begins at site of abandoned Chinese mall in Pyongyang

    Construction of a new hotel on the unfinished site of an abandoned Chinese-backe...

    10:45 30 May, 2018  Chad O'Carroll
    Following hiatus, North Korean vessels reappear at Chinese coal port

    Three North Korean cargo ships visited a Chinese bulk port capable of handling c...

    00:01 29 May, 2018  Leo Byrne

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