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    South Korea seizes another vessel for possible North Korean coal smuggling
    00:19 19 April, 2019   Leo Byrne

    A South Korean lawmaker on Thursday said Seoul had seized and was investigating another vessel for transporting 3,217 tonnes North Korean coal into the South from the Russian Far East.The seizure follows a scandal last year when the Korea Customs Service’s ...

    North Korean cargo ship visits Chinese coal, iron port

    A North Korean cargo vessel returned to a Chinese coal handling facility on Tues...

    21:38 16 April, 2019  Leo Byrne
    Shoddy construction on display at Sinuiju riverside high-rise construction site

    Construction work on a large high-rise building in the North Korean border city ...

    02:36 16 April, 2019  Colin Zwirko
    Russia continued high oil shipments to North Korea in February: UN

    Russian oil product shipments to North Korea remained relatively high in Februar...

    20:29 15 April, 2019  Leo Byrne
    Sanctioned North Korea coal smuggler heads towards China

    A UN sanctioned ship looked to be headed once again for the Chinese coastline ea...

    21:17 12 April, 2019  Leo Byrne
    Russia sent North Korea $5 million worth of oil in January: data

    Russian shipments of oil to North Korea were valued at over $11 million in Janua...

    21:53 08 April, 2019  Leo Byrne
    No Chinese fuel exports to North Korea since 2017, Beijing's trade data suggests

    Chinese refined oil product exports to North Korea haven't included fuels like g...

    02:56 05 April, 2019  Leo Byrne
    UN-sanctioned North Korean coal smuggling vessel appears near Taiwan

    A UN-sanctioned coal smuggling vessel appeared near the south coast of Taiwan on...

    21:42 03 April, 2019  Leo Byrne
    Chinese exports to North Korea plummeted in February: data

    Chinese exports to North Korea plummeted in February to just half of their Janua...

    02:51 03 April, 2019  Leo Byrne

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