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    North Korean imports of Chinese cereals continue to fall in November
    01:50 12 January, 2018   Leo Byrne

    North Korean imports of cereals including rice continued to dwindle in November, following larger than average shipments throughout the summer months, analysis of Chinese customs data shows.The figures from the Korea International Trade Association show Chine...

    Ahead of UNSC ban, North Korea earns USD$36 million from textile exports

    North Korean textile exports to China continued in November, the latest trade fi...

    01:50 10 January, 2018  Leo Byrne
    First North Korean oil tanker in months broadcasts location at Chinese port

    A sanctioned North Korean oil tanker broadcast its location at China's Dalian po...

    21:55 08 January, 2018  Leo Byrne
    KCTV report shows new gas distribution facility open in Pyongyang

    A new gas distribution center recently opened in the North Korean capital, accor...

    19:43 04 January, 2018  Leo Byrne
    Sanctioned oil tanker, company linked to North Korea's Central Bank

    A sanctioned North Korean company whose oil tanker was previously photographed r...

    10:42 04 January, 2018  Leo Byrne
    North Korean exports of iron alloys continued in November: data

    Chinese imports of numerous mineral ores and coal from the DPRK remained at zero...

    10:42 02 January, 2018  Leo Byrne
    Chinese exports of diesel and gasoline to N. Korea at zero again in November

    Chinese exports of gasoline and diesel to North Korea remained at zero for the s...

    00:23 27 December, 2017  Leo Byrne
    North Korean cereal imports continued to fall in October

    North Korean imports of cereals continued to fall in October, Chinese trade figu...

    21:39 21 December, 2017  Leo Byrne
    Bank Sputnik connection to North Korea suspended, exposing UN to vulnerabilities

    The only remaining international banking connection between North Korea and the ...

    08:54 14 December, 2017  Chad O'Carroll

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