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    Special relationship: China and “strategic patience”
    14:59 01 December, 2016   Weiqi Zhang

    North Korea, in spite of the diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions, has repeatedly defied the international community on its nuclear program. One widely accepted explanation is that China, North Korea's most important ally, has shielded the regime from inter...

    In August, North Korean leadership works to bolster recent political changes

    The month of August for the North Korean leadership was framed by two organizati...

    11:05 21 September, 2016  John G. Grisafi
    July leadership activity in N.Korea balanced between economic, military issues

    July was the first full month since North Korea created the new State Affairs Co...

    05:28 03 August, 2016  John G. Grisafi
    Pyongyang leadership activity in June highlighted by SPA session

    The month of June was significant for the leadership of North Korea primarily du...

    05:18 13 July, 2016  John G. Grisafi
    In May, Kim Jong Un focuses on economy after Party Congress

    Top leadership activity in North Korea in May focused largely on the Seventh Con...

    03:23 07 June, 2016  John G. Grisafi
    Kim Jong Un’s emphasis on military peaks in March

    The month of March was overwhelmingly dominated by military affairs for North Ko...

    20:55 10 April, 2016  John G. Grisafi
    In February, leadership looks ahead to party congress

    North Korea’s leadership in February focused primarily on the country’s Kwan...

    07:23 09 March, 2016  John G. Grisafi
    December: Statuses, fates of North Korean officials in question

    Several developments in the final months of 2015 have both shed light and raised...

    05:56 12 January, 2016  John G. Grisafi
    November: N. Korean regime shows leadership stability, emphasizes fishing

    The month of November 2015 saw a continuation of the North Korean leadership’s...

    05:01 07 December, 2015  John G. Grisafi

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