November 21, 2019

Category: Leadership

Analysis: What to make of Kim Jong Un’s new year speech

Speech offered fig-leaf to South Korea, but warning to U.S., analysis shows

Fyodor Tertitskiy January 1, 2018

Kim Jong Un’s May activity: More military-focused than ever before

Analysis shows the old guard - and rising stars - behind the month's missile bonanza

Tristan Webb June 6, 2017

Kim Jong Un’s March Activity: Preparing for the Day of the Sun

As Kim Il Sung's birthday approaches, the leadership observes a rocket test and tours construction projects

Tristan Webb April 6, 2017

Special relationship: China and “strategic patience”

The alliance between the DPRK and its closest ally is not as clear-cut as many believe

Weiqi Zhang December 1, 2016

In August, North Korean leadership works to bolster recent political changes

Kim oversees meetings to strengthen regime loyalty among military, youth organization

John G. Grisafi September 21, 2016

July leadership activity in N.Korea balanced between economic, military issues

Economics, military affairs, diplomacy on Kim’s agenda after creation of SAC, new title

John G. Grisafi August 3, 2016

Pyongyang leadership activity in June highlighted by SPA session

North Korea uses SPA meeting after Party Congress to further solidify era of Kim Jong Un

John G. Grisafi July 13, 2016

In May, Kim Jong Un focuses on economy after Party Congress

Kim’s activity emphasizes politics & economics, uncharacteristically eschews military affairs

John G. Grisafi June 7, 2016

New North Korean cargo ship an increasingly rare sight

Analysis of North Korea's construction indicates steep decline since the 1980s

Leo Byrne May 17, 2016

Kim Jong Un’s emphasis on military peaks in March

Focus on military affairs likely part of attempt to demonstrate credible capability

John G. Grisafi April 10, 2016
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