August 09, 2020


The latest narrated photo collections from in and around North Korea

Pyongyang’s ‘other’ military parade in pictures

Behind the scenes images show a lighter side of the mass military gathering

Hamish Macdonald April 18, 2017

In pictures: Pyongyang celebrates Day of the Sun with mass dance

After the military parade, citizens took to Kim Il Sung square

Hamish Macdonald April 16, 2017

North Korea’s April 15 military parade, in pictures

The DPRK celebrated KIS's 105th birthday in classic style -and NK News was there to document it

Foreign journalists invited to see Kim Jong Un, tour Ryomyong Street

Foreign journalists were taken to Ryomyong Street, a new luxury boulevard in Pyongyang: Photos

NK News April 13, 2017

A trip through North Korea: Defectors explain what tourists are really seeing

Defectors and experts explain the reality behind tourist photos of the DPRK