August 10, 2020


The latest narrated photo collections from in and around North Korea

Life along North Korea's Pyongyang to Khasan line, in pictures

Tourists can now take a previously restricted route from the DPRK capital to Russia

Ayesha Sitara April 17, 2018

Life below freezing: a North Korean winter, in pictures

Photos taken early in the year reveal harsh conditions in the DPRK capital and countryside

NK News February 14, 2018

In pictures: inside North Korea's Masikryong ski resort

Photos show what visiting South Korean officials can soon expect to see

Chad O'Carroll January 21, 2018

Come fly with me: an exclusive 360°, bird's eye look at Pyongyang

Aram Pan is one of the first to photograph the DPRK capital from a microlight aircraft

NK News October 18, 2017

Ready for war? Photos show life in North Korea this September

Despite all the bluster and propaganda, pictures show citizens' lives going on – mostly – as normal

Chad O'Carroll September 27, 2017

In photos: Summer fashion in Pyongyang

On a visit to Pyongyang for Liberation Day, NK News sees how residents are beating the heat

NK News August 23, 2017

In pictures: Construction activity continues in North Korean capital city

Following construction of massive 'Ryomyong Street' complex, photos show works continuing elsewhere

Chad O'Carroll August 17, 2017

In pictures: Daily life around North Korea's unfinished "Hotel of Doom"

Photos show life in and around the hotel's run-down building site

Chad O'Carroll July 27, 2017

In photos: What's become of the Mount Kumgang tourism resort?

Inter-Korean tourism was stopped in 2008, but what happened when the South Koreans left?

JH Ahn June 21, 2017

North Korea's borderlands: Two defectors explain life on the frontier

Escapees talk us through photos taken on the frozen border in February

Seoyeon Kim May 26, 2017