January 27, 2021

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Won-Gi Jung

Won-Gi Jung is a reporter based in Seoul. He previously worked for the CSIS Korea Chair and East Asia Institute. Follow him on Twitter: @jungwongida.

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US-ROK military exercises must not provoke North Korea: unification minister

Lee In-young says he hopes the Biden administration will respect Seoul's call for smaller-scale joint military exercises

Won-Gi Jung December 25, 2020

Fearing frozen foods, North Korea leverages shaky science to warn of COVID-19

State media’s questionable list of coronavirus-spreading things is growing, from birds to snowflakes to frozen treats

Won-Gi Jung December 22, 2020

Human rights group warns of unfair surveillance after new South Korean amendment

Seoul tried to limit National Intelligence Service power in a recent amendment, but HRW says it’s not enough

Won-Gi Jung December 22, 2020

North Korea tested nearly 11,000 people for COVID-19 — zero ‘confirmed’ cases

The DPRK periodically reports testing and quarantine updates to the World Health Organization

Won-Gi Jung December 21, 2020

After several border crossings, South Korea opts for high-tech monitoring system

The system, which has been in the works for years, will detect ground vibrations and supplement a dwindling military

Won-Gi Jung December 18, 2020

UN renews DPRK human rights resolution, raising routine ire from Pyongyang

South Korea did not cosponsor the resolution for the second year in a row, but still supported it in a U.N. meeting

Won-Gi Jung December 16, 2020

Defiant and dismayed, activists vow to break leaflet law and fight it in court

A day after Seoul passed a bill criminalizing leaflets send-overs to North Korea, opposers prep for constitutional court

Won-Gi Jung December 15, 2020

South Korea’s intelligence agency loses power to investigate North Korea ties

A new law passed on Sunday will transfer investigative power to the country’s national police

Won-Gi Jung December 14, 2020

Seoul is just hours away from passing a bill that can jail North Korea activists

A days-long filibuster is set to end soon, and legal experts say the bill will likely become law.

Won-Gi Jung December 14, 2020

North Korea enters ‘age of smartphones’ with hit games on taekwondo, badminton

North Korean mobile app games are becoming more original and more diverse, new Japanese report says

Won-Gi Jung December 11, 2020