September 29, 2020

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Wang Son-taek

Wang Son-taek is diplomatic correspondent for South Korea’s YTN news network and one of the country’s leading journalists on North Korea and diplomatic affairs.

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The inter-Korean leaflet launch saga: winners and losers

Kim Jong Un succeeded in communicating the North's frustration, while Moon Jae-in's inter-Korean efforts lie in tatters

Wang Son-taek July 9, 2020

Why supporting de facto Chinese rule of North Korea would be a huge mistake

Allowing heavy Beijing intervention would exacerbate rather than resolve underlying tensions on the Korean peninsula

Wang Son-taek May 28, 2020

How North Korean media responds to rumors about Kim Jong Un's health

Past cases show DPRK media does not respond to international speculation, but is able to report genuine health issues

Wang Son-taek May 6, 2020

Why North Korea may have, quietly, scrapped its last five-year economic plan

With sanctions relief unlikely and a "break-through battle" ahead, Kim Jong Un is shifting gears

Wang Son-taek April 15, 2020

What Choe Son Hui's three-month absence could mean for North Korean policy

A potential reshuffle in the DPRK foreign ministry speaks to shifting sands among Pyongyang's leadership

Wang Son-taek March 26, 2020

Reading between the lines: what North Korea's coronavirus response has revealed

The DPRK's response to COVID-19 shows their health system is highly organized but vulnerable to outbreaks of disease

Wang Son-taek March 6, 2020

Why neither the U.S. nor North Korea want a return to diplomacy anytime soon

There is little demand domestically in either the U.S. or the DPRK for another summit between their two leaders

Wang Son-taek February 12, 2020

As the new year dawns, the leaders of the two Koreas are worlds apart

Moon Jae-in remains tied to a failed policy as Kim Jong Un reverts to the hardline style of the past

Wang Son-taek January 13, 2020

Why, in planning its next move, North Korea is keeping experts guessing

Western discourse on the DPRK is rife with misunderstanding about Pyongyang's real needs and intentions

Wang Son-taek December 26, 2019

The looming deadline in nuclear talks: Kim's three options before the year's end

The DPRK leader wants a deal with the U.S., but he can fall back on Russia, China, and "Juche" should efforts fail

Wang Son-taek November 29, 2019
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