January 26, 2020

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Rob York

Rob York is a feature writer for NK News and Ph.D candidate in Korean history at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

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Seoul seeks world community's help to free detainees in N. Korea

Unification Ministry says bilateral, multilateral diplomatic measures pursued to free four prisoners, declines to add specifics

Rob York June 24, 2015

Mayor suggests inter-Korean 'Seoul Industrial Complex'

As inter-Korean trade remains banned, Park suggests inter-city ventures

Rob York June 22, 2015

Chinese troops deployed to counter North Korean border incursions: Report

Sources say buildup of regular forces looks to be a long-term development following recent killings

Rob York June 18, 2015

Human rights organization to sue Kim Jong Un over POWs

Detentions, forced labor constitute violations of Geneva Conventions, lawyers' organization notes

Rob York June 17, 2015

North Korea blasts South's handling of MERS

Recent hacking allegations by South Korean media to distract from 'crime' of causing outbreak, state organ says

Rob York June 15, 2015

North Korea's local elections coming in July

First voting for municipal, county, provincial committees since Kim Jong Un took power in late 2011

Rob York June 9, 2015

North Korea blocks South's entry into railway group

Thursday's vote marks second time Pyongyang has obstructed Seoul's OSJD membership bid

Rob York June 5, 2015

Japan, S. Korea, U.S. affirm opposition to N. Korean proliferation

Observer sees U.S. pressure, rather than sincere thawing of ties, behind joint statement

Rob York June 1, 2015

Six month inter-Korean excavation project announced

Unclear whether latest move a continuation or extension of last summer's announcement

Rob York June 1, 2015

Congressmen blame China for need for THAAD deployment

Beijing has responsibility to ensure that Pyongyang acts in 'rational' manner, one says

Rob York May 29, 2015
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